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Little Victories

The Strypes – Scumbag City

Jenny writes:

The Strypes have announced that album number 2, ‘Little Victories’ will be released on July 24th. Here’s a track from it called ‘Scumbag City’…Let the banter begin!


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15 thoughts on “You May Like This

  1. Bertie Blenkinsop

    It sounds like Stereophonics covering a Stiff Little Fingers B side.*

    * yes, I said B side.
    I am that old.

  2. Nilbert

    there’s something deeply contrived about this. they remind me of those kids in American Princess pageants.

  3. Boba Fettucine

    If the Arctic Monkeys didn’t already exist they’d be in with a chance. And I can see where the listening to Led Zep that the guitar player mentions at the end of the Julien Temple film comes in. Sadly the whole thing doesn’t quite hang together.

    I hope it works out for them though, cos otherwise they’re gonna get dropped like Fat Man. And their parents let them leave school without even sitting their Junior Cert. Or whatever it’s called now.

  4. Wilhelm

    They’re no longer “toddlers” so not sure if anyone will find them that fascinating anymore.

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