Throw & Go


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A lightweight waterproof quadrotor camera rig that follows and films you, starting automatically when you throw it into the air.

Shipping February 2016 and available to preorder for about €460.


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15 thoughts on “Throw & Go

  1. spud1

    Can imagine these things being banned in built up areas or popular tourist attractions… or would they just smash into obstacles anyway?

  2. Wayne.F

    They have no collision software or obstacle avoidance system! I see these infesting the ski resort I live and work in next season and the year after. Great said in most sarcastic way possible

  3. DeSelby

    Yeah a few questions… does it have obstacle avoidance, and can it be used with a remote control also?

        1. Wayne.F

          Open areas with no overhead obstructions like lakes, beaches ski resorts it will be quite effective

  4. munkifisht

    Society has utterly failed itself. The time of the selfish inward looking self obsessed self absorbed grinning goon is here. Taking a picture of yourself is so utterly, unashamedly egocentric, so horrifically narcissistic it’s sickening. I am looking forward though to the muppets who shell out all the cash on this laughable tat and then find when they get to the bottom of their rapids or the base of that mountain that their €460 self love gadget has run out of power about half way down and is now lost to the ether.

    1. Domestos

      Lost to the ether? Weird outcome. Anyway, they said the same about mirrors, and look what that’s done for humanity, without them there’d be no reflecting.

      1. munkifisht

        AND A BETTER WOULD IT WOULD BE TOO! Mirrors created racism! Everyone knows that

  5. pissedasanewt

    Gimmy one with an 8 hour battery time and i’ll stick it over my bike so any thieving scrote can be filmed and followed home. Then when they reach their destination it goes into seek, attach and explode mode.. and costs about €50.

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