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An all-electric, carbon fibre, pilot-operated, twin joystick controlled quadrotor by San Jose design company Hoversurf.

Currently in development, the hover bike has a claimed 21km range, 2.5 hour charge time and a top speed of 64km/h. Qualifying as an ultralight, it doesn’t require a pilot’s licence to operate (in the US at least).

A $10,000 (€8,700) deposit guarantees first dibs on the initial production models, which will cost $150,000 (€130,500) each.

Keep your feet well tucked in, is all.



Game Of Drones sez:

Game of Drones introduces UAV’s to the masses with a new web series about amateur drone design & aerial combat competitions.  We demystify drones while sharing design, engineering and friendly combat games through fun, inexpensive projects for the whole family.  We also blow stuff up.   It’s 1/2 demolition derby and 1/2 Skynet.

Here, the team assembles and tests a fully functioning paintball drone.