This evening.

Saint Pellegrino writes:

Local punk band Sissy canvassing earlier in Phibsboro [Dublin].




David Green writes:

This just in: woman with no body in the People’s Debate on TV3  [Tonight with Vincent Browne]…

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42 thoughts on “Behind You

    1. Bacchus

      they look like they’re a bit of craic… I’m guessing you’re a typical dour miserable No voter

  1. ABM

    They always come from behind.

    I’d hazard a guess that these three were Christened in a church and if they jumped off a bridge (due to depression or AIDs or whatever they have nowadays) they’d be wheeled up the aisle of a church.

    1. Bob

      I’d be fairly certain they didn’t ask to be baptised and they also wouldn’t’ be asked their opinion after they were dead. So, another well thought out point there.

      1. jeremy kyle

        8/10 is fairly generous, but for what it’s worth you are the definitely highest ranking troll on Broadsheet.

      2. St. John Smythe

        Well, saying are an alpha male, that’s pretty gay, to start with — are you looking for a femme boy?

  2. 评论员

    That’s told her! lol,lol, this made my walk along the green line bearable this morning lol,lol,lol!

  3. Jonjo

    That poster annoys me more than the other No posters.

    What about a lesbian couple where one if them is the biological mother? Seems they only have a problem with gay men.

    1. Hohum

      At last someone finally said it! All this talk of “you can’t replace the love of a mother”. What about the love of a father? The No side have definitely focussed on people’s issues with gay men.

    2. Don Pidgeoni

      Maybe it would be ok with them if two women were allowed to marry but not two men, since the latter does the icky sex?

      Seriously, they have such poor arguments.

    3. donkey_kong

      gay man porn is crap – lesbian porn is mostly crap but sometime is can be good – if it’s european it can be decent in the extreme.


      not a looker in that bunch though.

    4. Daisy Chainsaw

      The No side are obsessed with anal sex. They spend a lot of time thinking about hot man on man action and it confuses them because they can’t figure out if they do it missionary style or not. If the sex can’t be done in the missionary position and only for procreation, then it shouldn’t be done at all at all!!

      That nasty poster is the No argument in a nutshell. “We don’t like gay men having gay sex so vote no!”

  4. Joxer

    i’ve a pain in me hoop with this Mothers Love shiteology. Is a fathers love less than a mothers love? why should a mothers love be exalted over a fathers love? typical bolloxology!

    get me a cup of tay , pleae before i go off on a rant! thanks

    1. Holden MaGroin

      Go on off on one if you want Joxer. Everyone else has. Dont be silenced, vote rant!

  5. nellyb

    “mother’s love” slogan – where does it leave loving straight fathers? second grade parent like?
    and doesn’t it suggest that it targets male homosexual couples?
    then does it mean the NO are OK with lesbian families? these kids get double mother’s love like. it’s even better for the kids than your common straight parents family. Why don’t they campaign for lesbian only families?
    is this referendum then about male homosexual marriages mostly?
    is the resistance because of the gay intimate practices? if yes – how do these practices differ from straight?
    That lady with the poster should be asked all these questions.

  6. rotide

    What is it with Gay rights punk bands?

    Pussy Riot deserved everything they got simply for crimes against Music. At least sissy seem to be trying to pay heed to things like ‘structure’ and ‘melody’. It’s not The Dead Kennedys though.

  7. Humans Eh!

    In the second pic,
    Why has one of the Chuckle Brothers got a severed head beside him at a parish council meeting?

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