11 thoughts on “Meanwhile, In Donnybrook

  1. smoothlikemurphys

    “looks like a Yes vote from the good people on Morehampton lane”

    I seriously doubt someone that lives on Morehampton Lane went out and defaced their own road sign.

  2. Well that's that

    I think the person who did it was sick of the very old dilapidated sign. I think Andrew’s read too into this one. But HORAY YesEquality nonetheless

  3. The Old Boy

    Thank you for damaging one of Dublin’s fast-disappearing seanchló street signs.

  4. Bazzamatta

    The Irish translation is an abomination. There’s no Gaeilge for Morehampton! There doesn’t have to be!! It’s an English name/placename etc.
    Another Yes bullpoo yoke.


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