Where Can I Watch The Count?



The Front Lounge Parliament Street, Dublin

Should you be in Dublin.

Peter McGuire, of Dublin South Central’s Yes Equality group, writes:

This Saturday morning, The Front Lounge on Parliament St will open at the earlier time of 10am to follow RTÉ One’s Marriage Referendum count on the big screen projector. Breakfast will turn to brunch. There will be tea. There will be coffee. From 10.30am, the bar will open: There may be drink.

Early tallies for the Marriage Referendum may come in by around 10 or 11am, depending on whether or not the Presidential Age Referendum is counted first (and if it’s close, it may be a bit later). No voters and undecided people are also very welcome to attend: The Front Lounge is a public house, open to all.  Spread the word.

Alternative suggestions welcome below

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30 thoughts on “Where Can I Watch The Count?

  1. Steve

    The Marriage Referendum is being counted first. The Presidential Age one won’t start until the Marriage one is completed nationally.

    1. scottser

      all gardai will be wearing hot pants while on duty tonight. they have all been issued with new handcuffs that are adorned with pink fur. you may be arrested for a breach of the fashion code and there will be random examinations of your knowledge of sex in the city.
      it won’t be for the faint hearted. poor tm will be quaking in his thigh high boots.
      have a blast :)

      1. James

        As a gay man, albeit without massive poster a’la Paddy Manning to prove it, I’d rather not to see our gardai officers in their hot pants…

  2. Mr. T.

    There should be some impromptu street closures and 70s style New York funk getting on.

    Get that bloke, the white bloke with the afro who wears all denim and has that cool bike. You know him.

  3. NefariousFaery

    Your opinions on the best place online to see results come in please? (For those of us abroad) Thank you

  4. LiamZero

    Is it true the final result will be announced at the Mansion House? Could be some craic on Dawson Street tomorrow afternoon if so. (If, y’know, we vote the right way)

    1. Barry the Hatchet

      No, it’ll be Dublin Castle, the National Count Centre. Right around the corner from The George ;)

  5. Eric T

    I live abroad and couldn’t make it home to vote. If tomorrow goes as it should; I’ll be devastated to miss the session that will logically ensue.

  6. Ppads

    The depressingly dark grey hotel lobby otherwise known as the Front Lounge will be popular if the vote is No I expect. I won’t mention the smell of chips on your clothes afterwards.

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