On Enda’s Doorstep


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Castlebar Circuit Court, Castlebar, CoMayo on Monday.

A mêlée involving the gardai, court officers and multiple groups opposed to the actions being taken by banks in relation to outstanding debts.

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No of people removed from repossession proceedings at Castlebar courthouse (RTE)

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43 thoughts on “On Enda’s Doorstep

  1. Rob_G

    Oh dear – I guess that we can expect a lot more of this nonsense, now that the marriage equality referendum is over.

  2. ivan

    I’m not justifying the actions of the Gardai, but if the original complainant had waited until his case was called and said ‘Er, County Registrar, there’s been a judgement in the High Court that knocks this carry-on on the head’ chances are the County Registrar would have agreed.

    He’d possibly have struck it out if asked, although – as has been pointed out on other discussions – the banks can still re-commence proceedings, but this time at High Court level where the costs will be considerably higher.

    tiny bit of showboating going on here, perhaps?

    1. Trueblueterry

      Could agree more. These folks have been up and down the Courts trying to do this sort of thing. When a Judge agrees with them it’s a case of finally found a decent Judge; when he disagrees it’s their all corrupt. You just can’t win with them. If they just followed the rules I am sure they would have way more success.

    2. Jackdaw

      Pack of idiots. You have no jurisdiction here Sgt…. Ah yes he has. You’re under arrest Sgt … Ah no he’s not. I hope it wasn’t a bog standard home. The new land league and wait for it integrity Ireland. It proves the old saying that a little knowledge is a dangerous thing.

      Oh why not time for this again!!!



  3. Cian

    Can you be arrested inside a court or not? It seems a bit strange that you can’t…

  4. Digs

    This why the Gardai should carry pepper spray and truncheons. I’d enjoy seeing these half wits blinded temporarily and discombobulated . Fools.

    1. scottser

      and your comment also demonstrates why you should never be allowed to exercise authority.

  5. serf

    Is procedural objection and courtroom drama the only hope these guys have? If so, presumably they’re hopelessly in arrears and the lender has (finally) moved to repossess. The reality is that, despite the huge volume of mortgage defaults, by international standards Irish banks are very reluctant to foreclose. On the one hand there’s complaints about excessively high mortgage loan rates and lack of mortgage finance, and on the other hand lenders are prevented from recovering their debts. Its kind of obvious, but if we want new lenders and some competition in the market, this is not helpful.

  6. bort

    1:50 in and guy in waistcoat assaults the Garda and obstructs them doing their duty. Seems fairly simple

    1. #Selfie Face

      Brian Hession you are a certified clown. Go to the Journal with the rest of the shinners.

    1. Rob_G

      +1, his broken hip didn’t look to be giving him too much bother when he was obstructing Gardaí

  7. Bob

    I am absolutely loving the comments on the Youtube video:

    “satanic system attempting to crush the truth with soulless puppets.”

    “Ye dont know what brutality is ye soft shites”

  8. Mr. T.

    You are witnessing the State Police being used by politicians and private interests to subvert justice and act in contempt of the courts of your country. They are breaking the law.

    In those circumstances, you have the right to uphold the law and resist their attempts at illegal arrest.

    It’s amazing there hasn’t been a military coup in this country already. And I mean one backed by the likes of Fine Gael in order to take complete control and do their dirty work unimpeded.

    1. ivan

      But we’re not. I’m no apologist for the Gardai/FG/The-State etc but I think you’re seeing something that isn’t there. I can’t say with 100% certainty, but if – when yer man’s case was called – he’d asked for it to be struck out, then if the criteria of the High court case apply, it’s likely that it *would* have been. THAT’S what precedent means.

      The bloke here though seemed to want to just heckle. The County Registrar said, essentially, ‘no heckling, wait your turn’, yer man continues and then it gets messy.

      It makes for a good video, don’t get me wrong, but I’m not sure the ‘come and see the violence inherent in the system. Help! Help! I’m being repressed!’ schtick is accurate.

  9. Ultach

    There’s a few retired RUC officers down our way could teach the guards a few tricks for the right consultancy fee.

  10. kiora

    Glad you posted the video, it is just one example of a long list of the Garda unsure of the law and behaving unprofessionally.

    1. Jackdaw

      Wow you are so far off the mark I’m wondering if we saw the same footage at all.

  11. KevM

    There is precedent as to why the proceedings should have been sent to the high court.

    The guards have obviously attempted to scare those in attendance with section 5 – an offence in public place. What offence?

    Today, the wife of one of those who was in attendance in court was arrested in her place of work.

    I would suggest that people attend the nearest repossession hearings and see the victims of the aggressive banks and the Land and Conveyancing Act. It is horrendous to see people begging to stay in their homes. There is no independent free legal aid what so ever. Homeowners stand before a registrar, usually beside a half dozen agents of the banks, and has to defend themselves with no legal knowledge or experience. It is vile what those people go through. Our children are burdened with banking debt while our neighbours and friends are tossed out of their homes. It is criminal.

    1. Uncle Fester

      If you want to stay in your house, pay your mortgage. We’re not paying it for you.

  12. Zuppy International

    Do you guys (cops and all) realise that the ‘Registrar’ is not a Judge? However in Mayo, as in every other county except Dublin and Cork, the ‘Registrar’ is also the ‘Sheriff’ and so has a vested and financial interest in the repossession of properties seized buy the so-called ‘Court? (ie: he gets a fee/kickback to effect the repossession). It’s a clear and unambiguous conflict of interest and yet the so-called Guards, by standing under the Registrar’s unlawful and unwritten orders, are facilitating the theft of family homes by a ‘Court’ with no proven jurisdiction?

    Not to mention the physical assault and intimidation that now seems to be commonplace within the once noble ‘Guardians of the Peace’?

    Equality how are ya?

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