A Limerick A Day


denisAn article by Denis O’Brien in today’s Irish Times

I read that our old Maltese mate,
Is currently feeling the hate,
He sees with a frown,
That the plebs won’t lie down,
Oh when will his nightmare abate?

John Moynes

(Irish Times)

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42 thoughts on “A Limerick A Day

  1. Digs

    This won’t be popular, but Denis is actually right this time. Too many elected reps and 3rd rate hacks are too lazy to look for real stories. Instead it seems we are too concerned with vilifying the wealthy and successful. It’s like McCarthyism for the right on. He is a private citizen. And he certainly offers more to the fabric of irish society than that awful women with the giant chip on her shoulder.

    1. tomkildare

      He is worth 6 billion apparently, and he is not paying his debts, 3 of his companies have had 300million wiped off there debt. That not private banking this money needs to be explained by both him Ibrc and alan Dukes and FG and Labour, State bank state money please explain

      1. Dubloony

        While his article is an interesting perspective, his private banking is done with our taxpayers money. Taxes that he doesn’t pay here.

        In the billionaire vs the state, the state and democracy is losing. At this stage, it doesn’t matter what Catherine Murphy said, the fact that he was able to muzzle the courts and media with one injunction should give everyone a fright.

    2. Xena

      He is a thief. One of the state’s most prolific. And accepting that bare-faced, judiciously proven truth doesn’t mean one carriesa chip on ones shoulder. I am fascinated by his apologists though, what is it that makes you apologise for him?

    3. Pat

      Funny though that he claims that the details of finances are ‘personal’, yet in the same breath he prides himself that as a result of these personal loans, he kept tens of thousands of people employed. Sounds like they were business loans, and from a publically -owned bank.

    4. McKay

      For ‘wealthy and successful’ could also read ‘unparalleled access to ministers’. It would seem that O’Brien enjoys a level of access (going back a number of years, tribunal etc) that has allowed him to become yet more wealthy and successful. Do you think this is how Ireland should operate?

    5. Lilly

      ‘That awful woman with the giant chip on her shoulder’

      You are so morally bankrupt that you can’t even begin to imagine anyone else might have higher ideals. Catherine Murphy has no such chip her shoulder. Anyone repulsed by your chicanery is jealous of your ‘success’ in your mind. There is a vacuum in your being that will always prevent you from getting it.

      1. Digs

        Wow you’re even nastier than me! View must be enlightening from that high moral perch of yours.

        1. Sam

          Anything above sea level seems to be a perch, esp if you live in the sewer. Are you vying for James Morrisey’s job, now that he’s made a total clusterf*ck of it?

    1. Digs

      Exactly, even though he was repaying his loans, the hack still felt the stubborn compulsion to paint him in the same light as the others by including him in the article. Disingenuous and and tawdry articles are the norm.

          1. Xena

            Take a look at the findings of the Moriarty Tribunal. It may be worded differently but the essential truth of its findings is that [REDACTED] is a fraud. Or a cheat. Or a liar. Or a thief. One, or all of those things.

      1. Odis

        Sadly its also the case that disingenuous and tawdry law suits are his response. Whilst I accept his right to privacy. You can’t avail of that right when public money is involved.
        After all the press has no difficulty naming and shaming, those who abuse the social welfare/benefits system.

        1. Odis

          Last week “Deliverance Country” pointed out that it was unfortunate when you can’t get anyone to troll for you.
          And his lawyers have shown that their clout is middling.
          Perhaps, “Digs” is an intern.

          1. Walter-Ego

            Could well be Odis, or maybe Enda has been told to keep quiet but the gombeen in him, just can’t resist it.

  2. martco

    why oh why dear Morrissey do these minions find me so unappealing?
    asking questions of my secret bank dealing!
    don’t they know that it is I [redacted] expert of The Twist
    who flies the flag for Ireland at #199 in Forbes rich list
    this Third Estate rabble are supposed to be kneeling!

  3. Clampers Outside!

    Well, now that I’ve heard it from the man himself…. when’s his beatification?

    He describes in that piece of self congratulatory nonsense all his giving to Ireland, for the good of Ireland and it’s people…. will ya feck off. Who paid for your debt write offs? Why not pay taxes here then? Why pretend to live in Malta?…..

    Can we bring up The Clinton Foundation yet…

    ah, let’s leave that for another day.

  4. Ferret McGruber

    What a self-serving pile of excrement that article is. “I wanted to make a significant financial gesture of support at home.” Yea, Dobby, then why not pay tax like everyone else instead of slinking off to Malta?

    With a business empire built on the shaky foundation of corruption Dobby has deliberately purchased both media and politicians as he has always known this day of intense scrutiny was coming. Maybe he didn’t realise that it would come with a commensurate level of hatred from the people of Ireland who fail to appreciate his largess, a largess which we paid for by the way.

    Now either go away or go to jail Dobby.

  5. 15 cents

    so when legal routes dont work, he resorts to tryna play the victim card. he can relax, its ireland, nothing will happen. it cant get worse for him. everyone knows what happened, but nothing will be done, so he’s been through the hardest part.

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