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The DARPA Robotics Challenge, set up after the 2011 Fukushima nuclear disaster in Japan, aims to ‘accelerate the development of robots that can respond to man-made or natural disasters’.

This year,  a transforming Korean bot won the $2 million prize.


Now here’s a montage of the robots that fell over.



5 thoughts on “DERPA

  1. Jaffa

    Disappointed that none of them started thrashing their limbs and squealing like a pig ala Ed-209.

  2. turgidson

    The last robot was like an old man getting off a bus. Once he got the jiggly legs it was game over.

  3. Formerly known as

    Were they asked to design robots that act like drunk humans?

  4. Just sayin'

    In fairness, they’d make good premiership footballers – they drop like they’ve just been shot.

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