Neighbour Shaming


An Amnesty UK campaign launched today.

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64 thoughts on “Neighbour Shaming

      1. Rowsdower

        Yeah, well obviously men cant have abortions so its not “everybody”, but isn’t it sill abortion on demand for women?

  1. baz

    interesting to see ‘shame’ as a tool of the marxist lefties, the irony that they have grappled ‘shame’ from the sad tool box of religion

    1. Eliot Rosewater

      Amnesty are Marxist lefties now? I’ll bet that comes as news to amnesty.

      1. Dubh Linn

        I don’t think somehow they treat what anons say on the internet as “news”
        That would be like relying on a [REDACTED] publication for “the truth”

    2. well

      Giving women choice is Marxism? Abortion is legal in capitalist meccas like America you know right? And banned in a lot socialist south American countries.

  2. Spaghetti Hoop

    Don’t they mean ‘200 miles from the UK’?
    We’re not an offshore island.

    1. Dubh Linn

      You are absolutely right. That is the only problem with the words on that poster.

      All the other facts are grand and acceptable I take it?

    2. Small Wonder

      Cos we’re not 200 miles from the UK. We’re attached to it.

      Anyway, our 15 minutes of being a surprisingly progressive country are over.

      1. Citog

        UK is on the other side of the Irish Sea which is 80 miles away by boat. So if she lives in the West there’s no reason why she shouldn’t be 200 miles from the UK mainland. But that is after all just elementary deduction.

        1. Eliot Rosewater

          I think that’s their point, spaghetti. It’s UK mainland as opposed to just mainland, differentiating between Northern Ireland (not on mainland UK) and Britain (mainland UK). It was probably put in (clumsily, admittedly) to prevent pedants focusing on that part rather than the actual point, but here you are anyway.

          1. Spaghetti Hoop

            Exactly my issue with this, and its blatant arrogance.
            By stating that we are 200 miles from the ‘UK Mainland’ they are excluding N.Ireland but yet by including the word ‘mainland’ they are also disregarding Ireland as its own sovereign state.

            I’m pretty sure that Italians wouldn’t refer in the same pitiful manner to their Maltese neighbours as being x number of kilometres from mainland Italy – whatever the topic.

          2. Peadar

            Not really. If this was about something in Spain, and they’d said “Just 450 miles from the UK mainland”, because Gibraltar, would that arouse the same ire?

          3. shea

            ‘mainland’ is a bit contentious. A lot of people here don’t recognize the north as part of the UK, Culturally loaded term, fine for people who do but going to get a predictable reaction.

      1. bored with morons


        But you can’t get an abortion in NI as the UK 1967 Abortion Act was never extended to NI.

        So the fact that we have a land frontier with NI, which is part of the UK is irrelevant.

      1. Rob_G

        Just when I thought your comments could not possibly get any more asinine, you went ahead and did it.

  3. AlisonT

    I was at an event the other day and an old farmer was telling us a story about how they used to drown day old kittens to control the population. Most of the younger people in attendance were disgusted however on other occasions I have heard many of the same people support abortion on demand. I guess totally dependent humans are just not as cute as totally dependent cats.

    1. Mani

      I too was at this fictional event and was as surprised by this as I was when the ghost of Elvis drove a tractor into a slurry pit.

      1. MepMep

        Damn. Now I really regret not attending the dead cats and rockstars farm festival held on a Monday.

      2. AlisonT

        Why would you think this fictional, t was actually a rather good story and this was an element of it. A large proportion of rural people who were adults in the 50 and 60s would have done this and felt it was no big deal. I presume you think it is fictional as you don’t want to think of such a horrid thing happening regularly. Suit yourself. Do you think a blind helpless kitten an hour old is more worthy of life than a human at 20 weeks gestation. The number of people who did is what struck me as bizarre.

        1. Stephanenny

          What strikes me about the story is how foolish it is. If you want to reduce the cat population – spay cats.

          It’s the same foolishness I see in anti-choice groups in Ireland – if you want to reduce abortions – give people birth control. And yet, I’ve never, ever seen a single effort made by a single anti-choice group in Ireland to improve access to birth control. Funny that.

    2. MepMep

      What a fun day out. Wish I was there. In other news, day old babies can’t be aborted, what with having been born and all.

    3. fluffybiscuits

      Can kittens be produced as a product of rape? If your father lashes you out of it against your will , will you have a littler of puppies? That is the most ridiculous comparison I have seen so far on the issue Alison….

      1. AlisonT

        There aren’t too many people advocating abortion only in cases of rape. If you feel day kittens are more valuable than a developing fetus then you have obviously never suffered the loss of a baby 9or thing as you would probably call it).

  4. Jam

    Whatever about the rights and wrongs of abortion on demand, the claim that she faces 14 years in jail is completely hysterical. She does not. That has never happened nor will it.

    1. Jess

      “Under heading or section 19 of the proposed Protection of Life During Pregnancy Bill it is an offence for a person to do any act with the intent to destroy unborn human life.

      The section restates the general prohibition of abortion in the State under article 40.3.3 of the Constitution, and includes an infinite fine and up to 14 years imprisonment.”

  5. Steve lane

    Ahh Amnesty International. I remember when it was a worthy organisation, doing great work to highlight the plight of prisoners of conscience in the World’s most repressive regimes.

    Move forward to 2015 and Amnesty had morphed into the worst kind of bloated gravy train, shamelessly digging around looking to justify its existence.

    Led by corporate clones on grotesque salaries, paid for by shameless and intrusive chugging.

    When the founder of Amnesty was effictively pushed out in 1966, he complained that the org had been taken over by MI6. Since then, Amnesty International has become the highly puppets & poodles of the Corporate World.

  6. Eamonn Clancy

    She was raped, she was pregnant, so she bought a plane ticket and flew to Ireland.

  7. Just sayin'

    I’m pro-choice, very much so, but I can’t help feeling that this isn’t really an appropriate campaign for Amnesty. When I was a member it was all about stopping torture and getting political prisoners released. I think they’ll find this will split their Irish membership.

    1. Small Wonder

      You could argue that forcing a woman to go through with a pregnancy she doesn’t want is torture. Similarly, forcing a caesarian section on her. Denying women who don’t have the money to travel access to abortion is a human rights issue.

      1. Just sayin'

        You could argue anything. You wouldn’t necessarily be right.

        I did say I was pro-choice, remember. I’d vote YES to a liberal abortion regime in Ireland tomorrow but this goes beyond Amnesty’s core mission.

        1. Small Wonder

          Yes. You said you were pro-choice. I read that. That’s why I gave you some arguments that you could use to rationalise why you can be supportive of an organisation on the basis that you share the same views. I was trying to help.

        2. Stephanenny

          A pregnant rape victim was forcibly hydrated in this country. What about that isn’t a human rights violation?

          You should also note that this is a campaign run by Amnesty *Ireland* – a branch of Amnesty concerned with human rights violations *in Ireland*.

          Look at their work in the Middle East and Africa and you’ll get what you’re looking for.

          1. PaddyM

            You should also note that this is a campaign run by Amnesty *Ireland* – a branch of Amnesty concerned with human rights violations *in Ireland*.

            That’s not the way that Amnesty works – or at least not the way it worked when I was involved with it.

            Generally, Amnesty sections specifically DIDN’T work on issues in their own country (the “own country rule”) other than general human rights awareness. The idea was to try to protect groups in countries where getting involved in political/human rights issues was a good deal more hazardous to your well-being than it was in countries like Ireland (e.g. South and Central America, the Middle East and Africa), and to try and avoid accusations of bias. A section in country X might be responsible for campaigning on specific issues in country Y, and vice versa.

          2. Stephanenny

            The guts of the point still stand I think, though on shakier ground.

            Either way it’s incredibly stupid to say that because you see someone playing football then they must never ever play any other sport anywhere ever.

            I’ve did a small amount of work with Amnesty Ireland and it was on mental health stigma – far from campaigns on torture but quite high on the list of problems Ireland has.

    2. Dubh Linn

      You’re right. Amnesty should pick and choose who they stand up for based on the disapproval of people who want to keep women subjugated and in their proper place.

      Sure why stop there –
      Annoying immigrant raped and now pregnant? Force her to have the baby!
      Annoying furrigner asking for abortion to save her life? Not on your nelly!
      Annoying dead woman pregnant? Wire her up like Frankenstein to preserve the baby. Never mind the slow agonising death you are putting the non-viable baby through as the Mothers organs rot in her body.
      Annoying vulnerable teenager raped? Arrest her if she tries to travel for an abortion!
      Annoying pelvis of a sick woman in your way? Break it!
      Find out that annoying women may get very sick? Cover it up!
      Annoying single woman having baby? Sell or murder the just born child!
      Can’t sell the b@stard child? Allow medical companies to experiment on it
      Annoying single woman had baby? She is now your slave until you choose to “release her”
      Desperate woman commits a crime? No way allow her to be tried by a jury of her peers!

  8. Rowsdower

    Arent those statements applicable to someone in the UK?

    Specifically in Northern Ireland

  9. Lorcan Nagle

    The next Abortion Rights campaign open meeting is on Monday, June 15th at 7PM in the Teacher’s Club. If you’d like to make a difference, please come along.

  10. English side

    I belive if a woman is raped or whatever abortion option should be allowed!, however of a woman becomes pregnant and wants an abortion it shouldnt be allowed, as state of the fact is that child is a life u made u understood what could happen when chosing to have sex, u gave yourself concent of the side effects which could take place. When being raped, your heild against your own will, to make a choice without being asked or allowed to control yourself, to many people take advantage of the abortion system in england, and kill inicent babies everyday, each year in england abortion rates are getting higher an high, would you kill a dog? Cat? Animal? Anthor person? So why would you kill your own child which will inturn grow up to be just like you and love you as its own…

    1. Nice Anne (Dammit)

      Well thank goodness neither you or the rest of 3rd class is in charge of making the laws in this country. Now would you like the yellow or the orange crayon to colour in the sun?

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