9 thoughts on “De Sunday Papers

  1. dereviled

    From the top.
    1) “Your Icecream!… could have glass in it
    2) “Hey you guys this is serious.”
    3) “Brendan O’Connor is funny.”
    4) Sexy murder still sexy.
    5) anonymous internet cowards………….
    6) Almost There! Oh- Northern Ireland…Yay!
    7) Defence of The Realm.
    8) Not as crap as other teams.
    9) “Hey- the Iraq war is still going on!?!?!!1”
    11) These people are not losing money!!!
    12) RRRRRRoyals!!!

    Today is an Outside Day.
    Enjoy! Or not. whatever

    1. dereviled

      The Business Post was not an omission; it was an oversight and I will scrutinise the records and report many, many years later.

    1. Lilly

      Who let that poor girl out of Russia. Her FB page lists her job as ‘attending criminal trial’. Someone please tell her it’s over.

  2. Danny

    The Business Post link seems to be to the Sunday Times, so no big cover pic of the Post….

    Sucj=h a good story too, pity.

  3. Parochial Central

    Kathryn Thomas story. Who cares about the appalling individual? RTE – the only place in the media world where being thin and from Carlow makes you a celebrity. What to be more famous? Lose weight. #talentless

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