17 thoughts on “Was It For This?

  1. Samuel

    What do you mean was it for this?

    We shop in Tesco, watch their soaps and speak their language. Maybe if Irish spent all their EUR into only Irish teams, after 10 years the teams would be on a better financial footing to better rival the ones across the waters, to the extent that big name purchases could be made, higher champion league results, and better marketing … one can dream.

    Our rugby teams are no push over, so maybe if we just support our soccer teams, they will some day be decent enough to have an Irish kid support only an Irish team.

        1. bertie blenkinsop

          You’ll have to trust me on it. Or just keep an eye out for lads doing the Liam Gallagher walk.

  2. Parochial Central

    Brilliant to see so many Scots in Dublin.

    Because it reassures us there is an uglier, fatter, drunker shower of bowsies out there.

    And how nice of them all to cross-dress in support of gay marriage. Bit late mind you. #PantiHaggis

    1. Quint

      Have to agree with you there. The Scots make the Irish all look like chiseled supermodels, which is some feat.

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