An Offal Big Adventure


Scenes from the Bloomsday breakfast in The James Joyce Centre, DublinScenes from the Bloomsday breakfast in The James Joyce Centre, DublinShelli Whitfeld & Julien Bane celebrating Bloomday at the James Joyce Centre, Dublin

This morning.

Breakfast at the  James Joyce Centre, North Great George’s Street, Dublin 1 to celebrate Bloomsday featuring David Norris, singing and Joyce cosplaying.

Second pic: Sabrina Joyce a great grandniece of James Joyce holds her 10 month old daughter Aimeila. Third pic: Shelli Whitfeld  and Julien Bane.

Pics: Ruth Medjber



Senator David Norris and Green Party Dublin City Councillor Claire Byrne, third from left, with  unidentified Joyceans at the St Andrew’s Resource Centre on Pearse Street in Dublin this morning.

Via Claire Byrne



At 1.10pm today.

A group of actors will feed seagulls at O’Connell Bridge/bachelor‘s Walk.

Ned O’Sullivan is not welcome

At It Again


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7 thoughts on “An Offal Big Adventure

  1. Mick Flavin

    The guy between David Norris and Claire Byrne is John Fitzsimons from St Andrew’s Resource Centre. Sound man. I don’t know the lady.

    1. Augustus Gloop

      He’d certainly have tried to sue somebody over it. Joyce was notorious for instigating spurious court actions, even when he was young and hadn’t a penny to his name.

      1. bisted

        – do you have any evidence? He pokes fun in Ulysses at a character attempting to instigate a spurious court action. The Joyce estate were notoriously litigious until the copywrite expired a few years ago. I believe Joyce would have revelled in his genius being recognised and celebrated.

        1. Augustus Gloop

          There’s tons of examples in the Ellmann biography. Even when he was a young man in Trieste, he tried sueing a guy over a pair of trousers – for slander, I think – it was something to do with Joyce getting fired from an amateur production of an Ibsen play. Later on, Joyce tried to get some kind of trademark on “Irish tweed” – more lawsuits about that. Several failed lawsuits over the non-publication of Dubliners. Multiple subsequent lawsuits over various pirated editions of Ulysses. Ellmann approaches the subject with a certain degree of puzzlement – despite being broke for many of years of his life, Joyce would instigate a costly and often fruitless lawsuit at the drop of a hat. I guess the Denis Breen character (UP:UP), is to some extent pointing fun at himself.

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