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Above from left: journalist Flor MacCarthy, Senator David Norris, former President Mary Robinson, and ​Cathaoirleach of Seanad Éireann Senator Mark Daly

This morning/afternoon.

Seanad Eireann, Dublin 2.

The launch of ‘Seanad100 – Minority Voices, Major Change’, a programme of events to celebrate centenary of Seanad Éireann.

Sasko Lazarov/RollingNews

This morning/afternoon.

North Great Georges Street, Dublin.

Senator David Norris steps is presented with the Vanguard Award from the GAZE international LGBT Film Festival 2020.

The award, presented by Sarah Williams (above left) Chair of GAZE (LGBT) Film Festival and Brendan Byrne (above right), Lead Of Accenture Ireland’s LGBTQ+ Network, is to mark Senator Norris’ “unending contribution and legacy to the lives of LGBTQ+ people in Ireland”.

GAZE 2020 runs until Sunday.

Leon Farrell/Photocall Ireland.

Oh dear.


Senator David Norris

In fairness.


Senator David Norris


“I hear people on the wireless [radio] saying ‘Oh what about the poor people on the social welfare and they’ll be deprived of their few drinks’ – I don’t spend my tax dollars to buy drinks for people on social welfare…I don’t think tax is for people to be drinking all the time – and I see them all around my area buying slabs of drinks.”

Senator David Norris

People on social welfare should not be allowed buy alcohol, says Senator (Jack Quann, Newstalk)

Wednesday: €1 Per Unit Of Alcohol


Last night.

The O’Reilly Theatre, Belvedere College, Dublin.

Sinead O’Doherty of the Bloomsday festival writes:

Literary aficionado and comedian Stephen Fry talked about all things Joyce and modernist literature with Senator David Norris as part of our annual Interview programme in Joyce’s own alma mater, Belvedere College.

Stephen Fry in interview with David Norris spoke about Ulysses fondly and quipped that “There’s very few books that could generate such a day. It’s marvelous. A book that’s entirely of it’s place, even the taxi driver from the airport was able to point out where he (Bloom) bought his lemon soap.” He went on to say how he “found Dylan Thomas to be a bit putrid” and that “the best writers of English always seem to be Irish.”

There were a few comical moments during the evening, at one point the laptop projecting behind Norris and Fry went into screensaver “searching” mode, Fry joked that “It’s probably searching for Grindr” to which Norris responded that he’s “only just found out about Grindr”

Fry spoke about his education and discovery of literature while watching the movie version of The Importance of Being Earnest at age 10/11. I” didn’t know language could be an art, I knew music could, I knew a picture could, It was a total revelation to me”…. “I kind of received an accidental literary education outside school and I found language to be a great deflection for bullies.

Stephen Fry congratulated David for his part in the Marriage Equality campaign to which the audience gave a raucous cheer.

Fair play, in fairness.

Bloomsday festival (James Joyce Centre)

Pics: Ruth Medjber

Scenes from the Bloomsday breakfast in The James Joyce Centre, DublinScenes from the Bloomsday breakfast in The James Joyce Centre, DublinShelli Whitfeld & Julien Bane celebrating Bloomday at the James Joyce Centre, Dublin

This morning.

Breakfast at the  James Joyce Centre, North Great George’s Street, Dublin 1 to celebrate Bloomsday featuring David Norris, singing and Joyce cosplaying.

Second pic: Sabrina Joyce a great grandniece of James Joyce holds her 10 month old daughter Aimeila. Third pic: Shelli Whitfeld  and Julien Bane.

Pics: Ruth Medjber



Senator David Norris and Green Party Dublin City Councillor Claire Byrne, third from left, with  unidentified Joyceans at the St Andrew’s Resource Centre on Pearse Street in Dublin this morning.

Via Claire Byrne



At 1.10pm today.

A group of actors will feed seagulls at O’Connell Bridge/bachelor‘s Walk.

Ned O’Sullivan is not welcome

At It Again



Senator David Norris brought up the subject of prostitution, Ruhama and the Turn Off The Red Light campaign in the chamber this morning.

He said:

I also want to take up this business of Ruhama, and Stop the Red Light (sic). It’s time this type of nonsense was really, honestly addressed….Despite the puppeteering going on by this middle class collection of ex-nuns and radical feminists…98% of the women for whom the voices are being articulated by the self-appointed group are opposed completely to it….the police are against it, by and large. Everybody realises that it’s going to be inoperable, ineffective and going to lead to serious risks to the lives and welfare of women and men involved in the sex business. So yes, prostitution is messy, it’s regrettable but it’s a fact of life.

Then Senator Aideen Hayden (Labour) interjects and it all kicks off.

We seem to have an issue with prostitution and no one’s buying it.

Earlier: Putting It Out To Tinder

00119978Eamon Gilmore TD with Fionnuala Sheehan, Chief Executive of drinkaware.ie


Senator David Norris raised the appointment of Fionnaula Sheehan, Chief Executive of drinkaware.ie and chairperson of MEAS to the board of RTÉ.

According to the latest issue of The Phoenix, the Oireachtas Communications committee met in secret in July to propose and endorse nominees to the RTÉ Board. A working group was set up to process expressions of interest for the RTÉ board and it too met in secret. The Phoenix reveals the Oireachtas members in the working group.

With The Phoenix in hand, the Senator called for Minister Alex White to reject her nomination.

We’ll drink to that.

Previously: No Black Stuff Need Apply

File pic: Sasko Lazarov/Photocall Ireland

Lucia O’Farrell

Lucia O’Farrell appeared on TV3’s Tonight With Vincent Browne Show last night to discuss the case of her son Shane who was killed by a hit-and-run driver outside Carrickmacross, Co. Monaghan on August 2, 2011

The man who struck Shane was Zigimantas Gridzuiska, 39, from Lithuania.

He was acquitted of dangerous driving causing death and he was given the choice of eight months in jail or to leave Ireland within 21 days. He chose the latter with appalling consequences.

Later, Senator David Norris said  he had contacted Justice Minister Alan Shatter about the case. and was told the family might consider counselling.

Lucia O’Farrell: “Shane was 23, he returned from college and he was to take part in a triathlon and, after having something to eat, he went out on his bike, a beautiful summer’s evening on the second of August 2011. When he hadn’t returned, Jim, my husband, and I went out and found that he had been killed in a hit and run. He was our only son, our lives had been destroyed but he was tossed on the road and left to die alone on the road in a hit and run. We were told it was a crime scene. They had nobody at the time for it.”

Vincent Browne: “And you were told that he was carried on the roof of the car for quite a distance?”

O’Farrell: “That subsequently came out in the court because they found fabrics of this clothing on the roof bonnet and windscreen of the car.”

Browne: “Right and the person who almost certainly was involved in this was a Lithuanian and he had a track record, prior to then, tell us a bit about that.”

O’Farrell: “He had come into the country, apparently he was known to Interpol. He was up for convictions for aggravated burglary, theft, road traffic offences, damage to property…”

Browne: “That was outside the country, before coming here?”

O’Farrell: “Yes, yes, and then he had 40 convictions in total on the evening of the second of August, when he killed Shane.”

Browne: “That was in Ireland?”

O’Farrell: “No, in Lithuania, Northern Ireland and here.”

Browne: “Right.”

O’Farrell: “He was well-known to the PSNI, he had served custody in the south of Ireland for heroin, he had a long criminal history, he was on a peace bond, he was on a suspended sentence, north and south of the Border, he was driving a defective vehicle, he was uninsured, he had falsified his documents since coming into the country…”

Browne: “And wasn’t there an instance where he was given a suspended sentence, subject to good behaviour, and then he was convicted of another offence and the judge in the second case was unaware of what had happened previously. The gardai failed to tell them.”

O’Farrell: “Well the reason Shane is dead is because of total Garda failure. In January 2011, seven months before Shane was killed, this man had received a ten-month sentence and it was adjourned for a year in the Circuit Court, for him to be of good behaviour with permission to bring him back at any stage if he reoffended, but four months after that decision in the Circuit Court, and I saw that order, he was up for five consecutive days of theft in another court room and the judge was unaware that he was to be brought back and gave him a four-month suspended sentence. The guards should have brought him back when he reoffended. So he now, in May, got a four-month suspended sentence and went on to kill our son. He legally shouldn’t have been on the road.”

Browne: “Right. And subsequent to the killing of your son there were further bizarre…”

O’Farrell: “Yes there were plenty of opportunities for the guards to prevent this happening. On the 6th of July, three weeks before he killed Shane, this car was killed up by the Drugs Squad, he was well known to them and he was found with a substance and charred tinfoil. Apparently this man snorted his heroin. He would put a lighter under the tinfoil and he snorted his heroin and instead of confiscating or seizing the car and preventing him driving this man was allowed continue to drive and hold a driving licence, which a person snorting heroin behind the steering wheel of a car is not conducive, because side effects of heroin…”

Browne: “OK, and in the hours before the incident, resulting in the death of your son, the gardaí were also involved?”

O’Farrell: “He was pulled up again an hour before he killed our son because the number was known to the Drugs Squad. He was found with two other Lithuanian heroin addicts, the driver was uninsured, they took them out and searched them, this car had no NCT certificate, it was driven by an uninsured driver and they were waved on. Within an hour our son was dead.”

Browne: “Subsequent to the death of your son, there were further bizarre twists to the story?”

O’Farrell: “Following killing Shane?”Continue reading →