Have You Seen Jess?



Jess is a four-year-old female, chocolate brown and white Collie, who’s just had a litter of pups.

She’s been missing from Herbert Road in Bray, Co. Wicklow, since Monday, June 15, and her owners fear she’s been stolen.

Doggies Little Helper writes:

“Jess was feeding a litter of pups at time she went missing (following a vet appointment to treat infection arising from nursing pups, she needs medication for this). Her owner looked for her immediately and continuously and as she has not been found or seen and was not run over, we now consider her to have been taken/stolen. She is much loved by her human family (including a heartbroken child) and needed by her litter of pups. If you can help locate her please call her owner at 086 348 0234. If you are offered this dog for sale please contact Bray Gardai 01 666 5300. Somebody has this dog or knows where she is. Please help.”


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