20 thoughts on “Free Wednesday?

  1. Sheila

    Ah that would explain why the letters OXI have been spray painted around the place recently. I thought it was the new evoke (ugh).

    Surely they can garner support with a better approach than defacing small local businesses.

  2. yourcommentisawaitingmoderation

    Would they be happier to see us queuing overnight at ATMs waiting to withdraw the maximum €60? Fules.

    1. doncolleone

      LOL what a load of manure, you be thankful you live in a country where sitting on your bottom and play Che Guevara while adults work and pay for your scratcher is an option.

  3. Jonotti

    So like Greece youre saying no to revenue generating policies, no to debt repayments but yes to external funding.

    1. Zuppy International

      Say NO to the tyranny of criminal bankers and the debt-slave policies of their idiot lackey politicians.

      1. Paolo

        Facepalm! Greece owes money to sovereign nations. Their debt is basically money that WE, the joe soaps of Europe loaned them in order to get them out of a hole that they had dug themselves. Their private bank debt was “bailed out” in 2010. Solidarity with them is self-defeating and, frankly, stupid.

        Their current predicament is very different to what we were faced with in 2009.

    2. martco

      I say yes to the Germans finally coughing up their well earned WWII reparations and lets see where the balance sheet lies then

      oops was that a politically (in)correct thing to say??

      1. Paolo

        No, just a stupid thing to say. That debt has already been wiped off the books in an agreement that Greece signed up to. This debt is not exclusively owed to Germany but if it makes you feel happier believing that Germany is the big bad bully in this then go ahead.

        1. martco

          no it’s not


          ze Germans were never brought to book for reparations

          the intent of the London Agreement pact was to eventually answer that thorny question post reunification but in true shtyle that can got kicked down the road

          it’s pure spin to say that they paid their reparations in full

          an agreement to nurture the rebuild of a decimated post WWII Germany was probably the right thing to do…just as the EU was the right thing to do, a solidarity project for all of us (I believe anyway) but now look at the galling scenario where they get to turn obligation on its head…bad guys? ze people? no. but don’t forget what institutions are most exposed to a Greek default

          this situation is twisted and morally wrong

  4. Niall

    From Joseph Stiglitz on Twitter @stiglitzian: “Almost none of the huge amount of money loaned to Greece has actually gone there. It has gone to pay out private-sector creditors…”

    1. smoothlikemurphys

      Or, written another way:

      “Almost all of the huge amount of money loaned to Greece has gone to helping Greece pay it’s debts, because they are seemingly incapable of running their country at anything other than a loss. Bafflingly, some of the remaining money was actually sent directly to Greece who, no doubt, will spend it wisely”

  5. Joe

    A Protest! How dare they! Ordinary decent tax payers uniting against Fine Gael and Labours Superquango, the taxpayers must be crushed underfoot! After all there are Irish Water bonuses to be paid http://www.irishexaminer.com/ireland/irish-water-workers-push-for-payment-of-bonuses-339648.html
    And Phil Hogan’s pet minion Alan Kelly must be kept in the style that he doesn’t deserve! Now do as your told and go hand over whatever is left of your Austerity Taxed income to pay for the Fine Gael and labour cronies in Irish Water!

    1. Dave

      Ah yes, the bonuses. Any chance they would go out and protest against SIPTU as they are the ones demanding the bonuses and holding another “quango” up to ransom instead of blaming the government? Unlikely of course, because SIPTU are another voice of de people.

  6. Dubloony

    Comparing a modest water charge to what’s going on in Greece right now is a stretch.

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