14 thoughts on “Decency Restored

  1. Stewart Curry

    So will pointing out the incredibly idiotic things Fidelma says on Twitter become a crime now?

  2. Mr. T.

    Higgins isn’t even elected. She shouldn’t have been allowed to table this in the first place.

  3. Drogg

    Won’t somebody please think of the children ………………………..and the unelected officials with no useful skills or expertise stuffed into the Seanad.

  4. Mark Dennehy

    See section 5 of that bill… which says that if you are accused of an offence under sections 3 or 4, *and found innocent*, you can still be required to publicly apologise for what you’ve been found innocent of.

    And the AG supposedly signed off on this as constitutional.

    I mean, where do you start with nonsense like that?

    Can we get a competency requirement before people are allowed to propose laws the rest of us have to follow?

  5. Clampers Outside!

    Lorraine Higgins….. another FG non-elected mouth-muppet if ever there was one… not sure which one is the bigger plonker in fairness.

    *mouth-muppet – one who speaks without engaging any brain cells, that is, thinking.

  6. Kieran NYC

    While I do think that online harassment needs to be better regulated, and that what people would get arrested for on the street is unpoliced online, I have no faith at all in these two gowls* getting the law right.

    *puts out hands to be cuffed.

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