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Bonkers writes:

I see Senator Fidelma Healy-Eames has managed to find the whiffy code and is now campaigning against the HPV vaccine which is given to women to prevent cervical cancer. The HPV vaccine is recommended by the World Health Organisation but Senator Healy-Eames has anecdotal evidence of some women receiving side effects from the vaccine. I don’t know who to believe at this stage, the World Health Organisation or the good Senator?

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Further to ‘whiffygate’…

Today FM reports:

“Senator Fidelma Healy Eames says its sad and disappointing the way people have reacted to her using the word wiffy.”

“She made the reference during a debate last week on a bill which would ban certain abusive comments online.”

“Speaking on the Anton Savage show she said she deliberately used the French pronunciation of the word because she was talking about tourists.”

Healy-Eames was speaking French when she said ‘wiffy’ (Today FM)

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