45 thoughts on “Meanwhile, In Belfast

  1. Nugget

    The colour coordination of the pallets is impressive. I assume there is a tricolour set aside for the top.

  2. scundered

    Imagine the good that could be done giving that pile as firewood for the elderly for winter, and that’s coming from someone who grew up in such an estate.

    Fortunately support for these kind of displays is fading out, though it will take time.

  3. David Gantly

    Will they be burning the Ivory Coast’s flag this year though? And did they ever explain why they hated the Ivorians so much?

      1. Laughter Tack.

        I live in Killarney and thankfully over 3 hours to Dublin, never mind the UK.

        So rare to have to come face to face with tracksuited knackers. They are here but on a smaller scale. Still wouldn’t leave a bike unlocked here though.

  4. Nigel

    It’s all very pagan, isn’t it? Pallets instead of wicker and The Sash instead of Summer Is Icumen In.

      1. scottser

        i’m seriously impressed by the scale of it. shame i won’t be welcome to attend it tho..

  5. Kolmo

    I wonder what actual British people from the island of Britain think of these oddballs? All the shouting, massive fires, banging drums, fleg waving, seasonal neighbour hating are the actions of a people afraid of their own shadow. History is thankfully leaving this medieval mindset behind.

    1. scundered

      Probably something the same as most Irish people watching a Sinn Fein demonstration.

      1. Mani

        Intense pride, followed by a flurry of intense personal activity, and finished off with a hamlet and a sorbet to cleanse the palate?

        1. dhaughton99

          A new tattoo, Scrumpy Jack and a joint, followed by giving the wife a slap in front of the kids to keep her in line.

    2. David

      Most Brits I know regard the northern Irish as Irish. They’re not British, like the Welsh and the Scots. Many Brits don’t understand (or care) why the Irish fight amongst themselves like they do in Ulster, assuming it’s got something to do with that religion stuff.

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