Arkla Arkla


So good they named it twice.

Due to open today, sometime.

The new stretch of M11 motorway between Rathnew and Arklow, County Wickla.

Needs more Minister/back-slappers/squeaky PA.

*cuts ribbon*



They all fixed the road.

Photo: Simon Harris

Wicklow Times: Brady welcomes the opening of the Rathnew to Arklow bypass on Monday 13th July

20 thoughts on “Arkla Arkla

        1. Paolo

          Until I googled it, I thought FTW was an acronym for Feck The World. I also thought YOLO was a type of children’s toy until I found out that it means “Yes Or Log Off”.

  1. Daisy Chainsaw

    I know 3 people who had to drive all over the place to get to Dublin and back at the weekend from Wexford. The motorway was empty, waiting for some Government faceache to cut a ribbon, rather than having it put to use as soon as it was available.

    So long Barndarrig, Jack Whites, and the 10 mile tailbacks. I won’t miss you a bit.

  2. hick

    to be fair opening 2 months early all the same
    now if google would just come out with their fancy cars

  3. Paolo

    Wait, is there implied criticism here because the project came in on time and on budget? This is a very complex project that took hundreds of thousands (millions?) of man-hours.

    1. cluster

      This is not a very complex project – mildly complex at best.

      And not sure where you got that particular ‘implied criticism’ from.

        1. classter

          Go on, why is this project ‘extremely complex’ relative to the other thousand kms of motorways built elsewhere in Ireland – on peat, through rock cuttings, over long-spans, through existing junctions etc.?

          The Broadsheet comment was a dig at pols trying to associate themselves with the delivery of infrastructure – which they themselves won’t have funded, designed, built or even in many cases, being involved in awarding.

  4. LookingOn

    As a fairly regular user (2-3 times per week) of the N11 (ooops M11 now!), i have to say that the diversions over the construction period were painless. In fact I’d go so far as to say (the last 4 weeks not included) that the traffic ran better than the time there was no motorway. Credit to them.

    All that needs to be sorted now is the botleneck at Bray going south just after the M50/N11 junction.

    1. Pip

      I hear they’re going to address that one next.
      Possibility of moving parts of Bray inland being examined.
      Local referendum as to which parts.

      1. LookingOn

        They’ll be able to move parts of Bray inland no problem – it’s probably already started with Eircode. :-)

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