Not In Their Name


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Yesterday, the Irish Muslim Peace & Integration Council held a protest on Dublin’s O’Connell Street against atrocities committed in the name of the Islamic State (IS, formerly ISIS/ISIL).

During the protest, the protesters specifically condemned the killing of three Irish citizens in Tunisia last month.

Reporting on the protest in the Irish Times this morning, Patsy McGarry writes:

A document entitled Irish Muslim Declaration of Peace and Guide to Prevent Radicalisation was launched at the protest by Dr al-Qadri, who is the founder and chief executive of the IMPIC.

He spoke of an incident that had happened at a mosque on Saturday involving members of IMPIC. “In one particular mosque a group of our Council were distributing our flyers for today [when] one of our members was physically assaulted by another Muslim person,” he said. “Some three individuals said ‘We are Isis, are you going to protest against us?’.”

He said, “It tells us, Yes there is a small percentage, even though maybe it is only 100, but we as Muslims must condemn them and we must not remain silent . . . because these people are like an infection, are like a cancer.

“If you will remain silent you will let them come into the mosque and you will let them speak to the youth . . . They will spread the cancer of extremism to the Muslim youth.”

Extremism exists among Muslims in Ireland, anti-Islamic State protest is told (Irish Times)

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Meanwhile, in today’s Irish Daily Star…


John Coulter writes:

What an accolade it would be for Ireland if our STEM students and scientists developed the mustard gas needed to be dropped in ISIS strongholds.

Think of the number of tourists who could return to sun traps without any fear of Islamic radicals.

More importantly, think of the number of jobs which could be created in Ireland for Irish people who develop these mustard gas weapons to exterminate ISIS?

An Irish biological weapons industry would also help combat the brain drain of our best young geniuses having to leave Ireland to find work.



It’s time to wipe out ISIS fanatics: West must get extreme (John Coulter, Irish Daily Star, Nuzhound)

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55 thoughts on “Not In Their Name

  1. ollie

    So ISIS is begining to gain a foothold in Ireland and we are about to give asylum to hundreds of people whose background and politics we know nothing about, in fact we won’t even know their real names.

  2. Paul Davis

    Just goes to show how many agree with ISIS

    Great to know we are bringing boatloads (literally!) of these people to Europe at our expense.

      1. Paul Davis

        Yet they don’t turn up to condemn ISIS in their new saviour country.

        How naive are you?

        1. Clampers Outside!

          I guess we should have let them, the ones you speak of, out for the afternoon from the internment camps that pass for refugee centres.

          Damn, a missed opportunity !

    1. dogperson

      Er, what does? And how many so? Also please tell us more about the literal boatloads of “these people”, it sounds proper scary.

  3. Mr. T.

    Incredible ignorance in Ireland about the people of North Africa and the Middle East.

    As a country we used to be better informed about other cultures and had a more developed awareness of them. But everyone wants a degree in making money now so less effort is put into real education about humanities and social history. It’s short sighted and emerges as ignorance in society towards others and less ability to resolve differences and human crisis.

    We’re almost like Americans.

    1. rotide

      As a country we used to be better informed about other cultures and had a more developed awareness of them.

      No we didn’t. Shut up.

    2. Tucker Done

      “As a country we used to be better informed about other cultures and had a more developed awareness of them.”

      When was this exactly?

      1. Odis

        You mean you can’t remember the time when we bestrode the world like gods, spreading peace and happiness to lesser more uncultured and uncivilised races?
        Maybe its just me and Mr. T.

  4. Avon Barksdale

    Have we even stopped to think that maybe ISIS would do a pretty good job at getting this country back on its feet or knees or whatever? So quick to judge are we

    1. Avon Barksdale

      I, for one, welcome our new extreme overlords in case they’re looking at this

  5. Twunt

    Were the sisters of the Halawa pub present? Their father? What about that tool from Trinity Dr Ali Selim?

    No, because these are not people of peace, these are people of hate.

    1. Clampers Outside!

      Look at you, with your qualified commenting… how’s one supposed to blow a gasket on balance ! This is infuriating!

      (I’ve bookmarked that for later, thanks)

        1. Joe the Lion

          It’s the same old crap from this guy every time

          Wah I hate Islam
          Wah Wah Wah they hate us
          Wah Wah look at me making fun of religious nuts
          Ooh I’m so funny

    2. dereviled

      I don’t think any of that is unique to Islam and you could swap the word ‘Islam’ in Odis’ video for many other religions or “-isms” in human history across myriad societies.
      I think we are seeing a conflict pitched on religious grounds to distract from the struggle to rationalise borders and overthrow dictatorships. Again, not unlike Europe one or two generations ago.

      1. Joe the Lion

        What else do we expect from great minds like Odis only reheated reactionary poo? Pat Condell is an obnoxious badger-bating blowhard

          1. Joe the Lion

            Indeed I am – I would have to escalate to another level of incoherence to ‘argue’ with Condell

  6. Parochial Central

    It would behove the Irish government to have lowered the Irish flags to half-mast for the Irish citizens murdered in Tunisia as a true reflection of Not In Our Name. If they can do it for J-1 students, they can do it for others.

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