This Is Our Turf




Gooch writes:

With the influx of jackeens expected for the bank holiday season, we’ve had to assign personal bodyguards to the turf in South Kerry. Not a sod lost yet thanks to Christy (above). Tis black gold!


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13 thoughts on “This Is Our Turf

    1. mike

      If he didn’t stay up there the wheelbarrow could fall off into your windscreen. Health and Safety, see.

      Now gwan back to keyboarding about those climbing Croagh Patrick yesterday and lave the Kerry bogs alone.

  1. Clampers Outside!

    Makes my head itch just looking at him…. *walks around with hand held above head*

    (If you’ve ever spent time on a bog saving turf, you’ll know why the hand is up)

  2. pedeyw

    Well that explains the dead cat. Less miserly with the turf, more keeping an eye out for animals crossing.

  3. Armitage Shanks

    …Daddy can i go up on top
    Daddy can i go up on top
    Can I go up on top of the the trailer
    I swear to god I’ll be careful

      1. mike

        I’m reliably informed wee Mike went to his mother and said “I’m not sayin nuthin. I’m not supposed to tell you about the eggs we broke”.

  4. Otis Blue

    Was that photo taken recently or is it some kind of vintage turf porn?

    We should be told.

  5. Conor

    Crikey, are you sure he’s not some lost chappie from the 1890’s caught in some time warp?! He looks extremely confused and doesn’t seem to know what this automatically moving machine thing is! Poor fella saw the turf and it twas the only thing that reminded him of the good aul days with Eileen.

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