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  1. All the good ones fly south for winter

    It’s 2015 and persons still crash cars into other cars to die – would you have voted no if a crazy goat in longford bleated “it’s fault of gays”?

  2. Fergus the magic postman

    All of the people in the world who put all of their energies into hatin’ should set up a massive summer camp where they can all go every year to get it out of their systems, as they’d be sure to find lots to hate about each other.

    1. Em-malicious

      They should hold said camp deep underground so the rest of us don’t have to see it.

      They could call it “Mine Camp” :-D

    1. ABM

      He/she’s not harming anyone, so what’s the problem? If you don’t like the message, then don’t take a leaflet and don’t go giving it oxygen by posting it on the Twitter.

      While I agree with the broad thrust, I would have some issues about the way in which the questions are phrased (i.e. there’s a very high risk of entrenching someone who is genuinely seeking to ammend their life).

      Anyway, fair play to them for going out and doing something about mass gay psychosis. The folks who are explicit and downright refuse to accept these unjust laws are very brave and should be supported in their endeavours. They are an important part of a broader political movement that will undo the damage and repair Irish society.

        1. LiamZero

          Nah, just someone looking for an angry reaction for their own cheap thrills. Don’t engage.

          1. Stephanenny

            We all know this isn’t the original abm right?

            In reality it’s someone who I’ll never understand because I have friends, a family, hobbies and a job and while I’ve been without one or two of those at periods in my life I’ve never been lacked every single one of them.

            Can’t do much about the friends buddy but I hear train spotting is a pretty cheap hobby. You poor dullard.

  3. Fergus the magic postman

    Just posted & got this: “You are posting comments too quickly. Slow down.”

  4. ahjayzis

    I’m FUMING.

    Why didn’t anyone tell me I was supposed to take drugs for body AND mind?

    I’ve been doing this thing wrong all this time, SOMEONE could have told me >_<

    Also, on the rape thing. Is there a pack of Lesbian rapists hacking the Rape Crisis Centre database to find victims to commit a follow-up gay rape on or something? Cause I can totally list a few suspects.

  5. Someone

    Crupmple it up and leave at their feet, and call them some horrible expletive.

    And wait for them to play the victim.

  6. Cup of tea anyone?

    Would Number 5 explain the Perscription drugs the guy with the dog was on? Thats why he was seen as less of a victim in court.

  7. scottser

    we’ve had that before.
    but i remember distinctly those 10 seconds in 1993 when homosexuality went from being a criminal offence to celebrity status. Pope JPII published ‘veritatis sllendor’


    ‘John Paul teaches that there is no true conflict between human freedom and God’s law. The true end of human freedom is growth as a mature person into how each is created by God. Furthermore, God’s divine law governing human behavior is not opposed to human freedom, but rather “it protects and promotes that freedom.”

    be yourself, god wants it that way.

  8. jeremy kyle

    Maybe when the gay, neo nazi, pedo, drug addicted teachers from London come to take me away I might re-evaluate the situation, but for now I’m more worried about the type of fecker who hands this out in public.

    1. Yea, Ok

      Aww I just found that and was about to post it! Get this…

      “Last November a teen got condoms from a machine, and then died front drug abuse at a former CIE depot.”

      That’s gold, solid gold.

    2. Yea, Ok

      Aww I just found that too and was about to post it! Get this…

      “Last November a teen got condoms from a machine, and then died front drug abuse at a former CIE depot.”

      That’s gold, solid gold.

  9. Annie

    Would any of us be surprised if John Clerkin had a big bad secret himself? Stench of hypocrisy pretty strong with this one. He is giving ABM a run for his money in terms of exhaustive “research”…

  10. Caroline

    Could you all please be quiet, there are a lot of questions to get through.

    *licks pencil*

  11. meadowlark

    I’ve seen one of these before. Worrying stats these. And from a credible source too! I shall certainly be on my guard from those pesky pedo-homosexuals after seeing these.

  12. Jordofthejungle

    Are we supposed to believe that you are not homosexual yourself ABM?

    Surely you have done more to massage your own gay psychosis on here over the years ABM to make the most repressed closet-case look positively emotionally healthy.

    Give it up, you poor lowbrow wretch.

    1. Owen O'F

      Things to set your watch by: a ‘jordofthejungle’ reply to an ABM post with the word ‘wretch’ in it.

        1. Annie

          Both ABM and Jord are still smarting that they didn’t get a mention in Julia Tuohy’s over-wrought Village “article” on Broadsheet. I guess they both (or he) must be trying harder this time.

  13. Bad At Memes

    These attacks on ABM are all being done ‘doggy-style*’, and it’s unfair.
    That isn’t what he wants.

    He needs a vote of support, just one.

    I’d give him one.
    Just to tick it off me list, like. No romance.

    *Is that the phrase?

  14. FK

    Why 1990? Did I miss something? Was Toto Schilaci responsible for more than knocking us out of Italia 90?

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