The Food & Beer Geeks: Episode 5



‘Streetfood SF’

Brian (top left) and Peter (right) visit the famous SoMa StrEat Food Park in San Francisco together with the perfect guide, Mike Winston , a San Francisco based foodblogger, followed by a walk through the city’s Mission district with local food & travel writer Georgia Freedman . Brian also revisits Mission Chinese Food to speak to founder, Anthony Myint, about the true meaning of ‘Pop-Up’.

This seven part series, presented by, follows Restaurateur and pop-up innovator Brian Patton, and Michelin Star Chef Peter Zinter in their search for inspiration for their pop-up taqueria, Slow Tacos, and craft beer pub, The Brickmakers Ale & Cider House in Vienna Austria.

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5 thoughts on “The Food & Beer Geeks: Episode 5

  1. pissflaps

    Been living in SF this summer and this is a nice series to see, despite the Irish guy being a bit of a melter. Mission Chinese is top drawer

  2. Parochial Central

    “SoMa” Wow, your head is totally up your own A isn’t it? How about “FiDi”? Nothing going on in “NOPA”? Shame.

    Are you aware of the real human pain caused in the Mission caused by this kind of yuppie hipster startup gentrification?

    Or how about the people who toil in the fields to provide the produce for these food bloggers?

    So, Broadsheet how much are they paying you? Donald Trump would be proud.

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