Sinn Féin President Gerry Adams at the O Donovan Rossa commemoration in Glasnevin Cemetery last week

An election is looming and so,
The papers are letting us know,
Some FFers feel,
They can do a deal,
If Adams is willing to go.

John Moynes

(Sam Boal/RollingNews)

3 thoughts on “A Limerick A Day

  1. dereviled

    Sinn Féin are one of a number of extremist organisations in the North of Ireland that have managed to sideline moderates, democrats and non-psychopaths.
    It is with horror that we realise they are now a credible alternative to the gouging shysters of our ruling class.

  2. peter james


    Consisttently at SF re-enactments/funnerals the flag is too small. It’s supposed to drape the coffin i.e cover it. Get a bigger flag.

  3. Jones

    *Meanwhile, Gerry slips his balaclava back into his bag as he realises he’s not at a usual Gerry funeral*

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