Pint Of Blame


Leave them alone.

*swigs, rocks cradle, taps swollen belly*

What needs to be done to end South Africa’s status as a nation of heavy drinkers (Times Live)

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  1. Michele Savage

    Unfortunately, the #Irish #government only mentions Fetal Alcohol Syndrome (ie dysmorphic Neurodevelopment Disorder from Prenatal Alcohol Exposure [ND-PAE on DSM 5] and fails to acknowledge, much less mention the 85-90% of cases which are non-dysmorphic, and therefore are more likely to be ‘missed’ .

    Considering Ireland’s stats on drinking in pregnancy, the wording in this bill will not be doing much to stop children being at risk of being compromised before they are even born,

    1. Medium Sized C

      This isn’t facebook or twitter, we don’t have hashtags.

      Also, can someone point me to where the Government have only mentioned Feotal alcohol syndrome?
      Cos I’m only seeing references to warnings against drinking during pregnancy.

  2. Anon

    Not a point to be laughed at in fairness. We found out this week that my fiance is 9 weeks pregnant. Unplanned. And we’ve been to a couple of weddings and had an engagement weekend in that time so alcohol intake was higher than average.

    Bit worried about it. But still……..probably be grand.

    1. scottser

      first off, congrats. second off, don’t worry – as long as ye lay off for duration it’ll be fine. third off, my missis is 12 weeks gone, so we’ll both have a sleep deprived easter :)

      1. Don Pidgeoni

        YOU GUYS!!!! Congrats! Don’t be worrying Anon, most women do the same, especially if it’s unexpected. All the best to you both!

        Especially scottser, you fertile little thing you!

  3. Clampers Outside!

    What about when they’re outside the Rotunda puffing away while the tannoy continually says “No Smoking In This Area” and stuff…. always makes me smile as I pass, to see those heavily pregnant ladies puffing away.

    You know, get the last fag in before the big push!! You go girl !

  4. Don Pidgeoni

    The greatest harm, not the only harm. It’s not proven to be safe so best to hold off. And if you can’t, I think you might have bigger issues.

  5. Orla

    The recent study setting out that 75% of pregnant women drink must some what illustrate that the issue is not just alcohol, ie the rate of FAS is not 3/4 of all births. Indeed there are other studies that link moderate alcohol consumption with reduced rate of still births. Why don’t we hear as much about this?if there are actually protective effects of low- moderate drinking then these should also be publicised. It’s easier (and lazier) just to restrict but women shouldn’t be patronised by restrictions based on hysteria. The danger lies in binge drinking – for Everyone.

    1. Don Pidgeoni

      Yes, 75% of women were drinking but most stopped drinking once they knew they were pregnant. Other studies suggest that only 3% of Irish women binge drink during pregnancy. So depends on the study.

      The only paper on moderate drinking i could find suggested that moderate drinking resulted in lower overall IQ and verbal IQ in 5 yr olds.

      It’s not patronising to women if the evidence suggests there might be a risk. So why risk it?

        1. ahjayzis

          ^douchiest post of the day.

          Hope you weren’t in a dusty room Orla, the righteous sniff of sniffyness after that one could have you hacking for hours.

          1. Don Pidgeoni

            The sign of someone who has fupp all research.

            Also the advice presented to women is basically some studies showed this, some showed that but since we aren’t really sure maybe lay off. Standard clinical advice.

  6. orla

    ha. not replying to a post is a sign of someone who has done no research? well we can now see why you have a difficulty distinguishing correlation and causation! read Emily Oster’s expecting better of A Panic Free Pregnancy and then come back to me.

  7. orla

    ” expecting better” or “a panic free pregnancy”. since you were clearly not bothered to even google this topic, i can point you to the exact pages.

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