Taken For Granted



A fairly convincing but fraudulent email purporting to be from Student Universal Support Ireland currently doing the rounds.

SUSI sez:

This email is not an official SUSI email and the internet link contained within this email does not connect you to SUSI’s official On-line Student Grant Application System. Please note that SUSI’s official On-line Student Grant Application System is accessible at www.grantsonline.ie

6 thoughts on “Taken For Granted

  1. Tidy Dave

    I especially like the bit about not clicking on “http” or “www” links and then using an anchor hyperlink reference underneath.

    1. Tony

      Is it not their parents that apply for the grants? People in their 40s and 50s much more likely to fall for this kind of scam

  2. Dónal O'Flynn

    Who the hell keeps falling for these things? I know they put in mistakes to only fool the most vulnerable recipients, but this isn’t coming from some shady Nigerian prince. It’s from a state body who would never send such a shoddy email.

    From the top:
    1. Different shades of teal in logo and horizontal bar
    2. Why would SUSI call anyone a customer? They’re not selling anything!
    3. Grammar is pretty bad in the first sentence and it ends before it should
    4. Capital A on accounts in the second sentence
    5. Advise spelt wrong in the third sentence
    6. Click a link. No don’t click a link! Go on then, click this link!

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