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This just gin.

The Drinkaware Index 2019 report found that nearly 75% of people believe drinking to excess is part of Irish culture.

Over a third of under 25s say they binge drink on a weekly basis and most drink alcohol as a coping mechanism.

It also found that 44% of adults drink alcohol on a weekly basis.


One in five adults classified as a hazardous drinker – report (RTÉ)

Drinkaware Index 2019

Adh here.

How your Xmas Guinness ad may look under ad blocking measures to ‘curb’ alcohol consumption in Ireland.

Eamon Delaney, of free market think tank Hibernia Forum, writes:

This (above) is what an iconic Irish beer ad, from the legendary Guinness brand, would look like under proposed new measures in the Public Health (Alcohol) Bill

…a sledgehammer approach to the alcohol and hospitality sector which hurts consumers, producers and those of us who believe in individual freedoms and not being treated like children.

Politicians love this Nanny State stuff, as it distracts from the real pressing issues and gives them easy publicity and the approval of media experts

Hopefully, others in our political culture will see through this easy populism and how such blanket unproven measures hurt industry, retailers, the tourist trade and ordinary consumers.

Hopefully, they will call a halt to this censorship and business-damaging measure. Enough is enough.


Nanny State : How an iconic beer ad would look under the Government’s new sledgehammer Public Health (Alcohol) BiHibernia Forum

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This morning.

In the Seanad.

Fine Gael Senator Joe O’Reilly outlines why he’s against the opening of licensed premises on Good Friday.

Via Conor McMorrow