Blissfully Unaware



Pantibar on Capel Street, Dublin 1 with its newly erected sign in March

The Herald reports:

“…the Herald can reveal that a warning letter was issued by Dublin City Council (DCC) at the end of March following complaints to the city’s planning department suggesting that the sign contravened planning permission. A spokesperson confirmed that a warning was issued under Section 152 of the Planning Act and that the matter was being “actively pursued”.”

“When contacted by the Herald, Mr O’Neill declined to comment on the matter. The performer will now have a chance to argue his case with city planners but, if DCC rules that it does breach the bar’s planning permission, it is likely that it will have to be taken down. The costs incurred by DCC, if an enforcement order is issued, may also have to be covered by the Irish gay community’s icon.”

Las Vegas-style neon sign lands Panti Bliss in hot water with city officials (The Herald)

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23 thoughts on “Blissfully Unaware

  1. Annie

    This slightly makes my blood boil. Given the aesthetic degeneration of Dame Street and Westmoreland Street (to mention a few) over the last decade or so, now home to a whole host of low-grade outlets advertising their wares with cheap, garish signage all seemingly with the blessing of DCC, chasing the odd alleged offender such as Pantibar smacks of nothing more than attention-seeking by DCC to make a paltry effort appear akin to a long term strategy to restore some semblance of visual appeal to the architectural and historic core of Dublin City Centre. But the reality is DCC are not that interested nor is there any great plan, bar the odd few pretend crusades against an infinitesimal number of generally high profile businesses, to do anything coherent to inject some sort of civic pride and respect into our capital city. Rant ends.

      1. Annie

        Precisely the point – they only act on complaints when the visual degeneration of what were once streets of architectural merit is patently obvious to all and sundry, particularly visitors from Continental Europe. I suspect DCC are aware but they have neither the will power nor the budget perhaps to help our main city centre arteries regain some of their former civic beauty.

      2. tlyn284

        To the comment made by “mr. T” Well who the hell is complaining about the god dam sign.
        Only some fools who have nothing else to do with there time only look up google maps.
        What a pack of wasters .

  2. Mr. T.

    That’s equality folks. If the signage is out of kilter with the area guidelines, someone can make a complaint. I’d say several other complaints where made on Capel Street relating to un-gay signs too ;)

  3. Christopher

    It seems ridiculous that new signs are subject these kind of objections while DCC seem to do nothng about the garish crap that this is already in situ. Capel Street is a mess of signage- in some cases its ugly in somecase quire nice. There is no denying that Pantibar is one of the best kept and attractive buildings on the street. The sign may not be to everyone’s taste but its hardly “vegas style”!

  4. mike

    That sign enhances the street.

    If DCC are really concerned about aesthetics on Capel St, I suggest they instead spend their resources fostering building on the derelict (former headshop) eyesore directly across the street from PantiBar.

  5. Just sayin'

    The sign look awful. It would also look awful if it said “Pizza or “Bible Studies” – are we only to enforce laws against the unpopular now?

  6. tlyn284

    This media sites just gets worse ,I wanted to put up a comment on a site that caught my interest ,(Broadsheet)
    Now it says If I would like to own a “gravatat” so I clicked on the link and now it has brought me to “Blissfully”
    This is why I hate media of this sort ,I just can not leave an email address and a comment and come back to it when I have time if Im not looking up google maps or complaining about some sign ,Id like to know if “Mrt” has ever been inside this building or does he know what the company is and also investing business in the area and would like to know what part of “Dublin” does he hale from ??????? .

    1. neil

      You don’t need to have a gravatar to comment, it just allows you to have a profile picture (like mine) appear next to your comment (on all websites that use the system). You can simply use a display name and email – as it appears you have done.

  7. Alastair

    The sign looks great, and should offer a guide to the sort of quality shop signage the city should have. It’s certainly better than the previous generic brewery sign it replaced, which seemed to offend no-one. Presumably the disco balls in the street didn’t have permission either, so are they next for enforcement?

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