Zeke And Ye Shall Find




You may recall the Spaniel/Sheepdog cross (above) found in the Donnybrook, Dublin 4 traffic.

Lucy Moylan writes:

Thank you for your help and to everyone who spread the message. Unfortunately we never found his original owner, but thankfully this isn’t one of the sad stories. The wonderful people at the DSPCA have found him a new home, and his new owners are picking him up tomorrow. We’ll never know his old name, but his new name is Zeke, which is pretty cool it has to be said. To infinity and beyond, little guy.

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3 thoughts on “Zeke And Ye Shall Find

  1. George

    Some of the people at the DSPCA aren’t so wonderful, and that’s according to ex employees of the DSPCA. Putting healthy dogs down etc. I’m not a witness however those that have told me are pretty decent animal loving folk…

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