Cars, Holidays And New Kitchens



Labour TD Joanna Tuffy

The Labour recovery.

We’re getting our ‘stuff’ back.

Take that, misery junkies.

Labour TD Joanna Tuffy writes:

The feeble attempt by Aengus O Snodaigh yesterday to deny the very existence of the economic recovery is laughable, although when you consider the paucity of his party’s economic ‘expertise’, it i

Sinn Fein are misery junkies and as far as they are concerned, the more people who are out of work, the more people who are in mortgage arrears, and the less money families have to spend, the better.

Aengus O Snodaigh and his party feed off the uncertainty and anxiety that people experience at times of economic difficulty and there is no party better at exploiting ordinary people’s fears than Sinn Fein. But now that the recovery is under way Sinn Fein are petrified, and that’s why they have tried to dismiss the recovery as ‘false’.

Is it false, that in July, sales of new cars increased by 48% year on year? Is it false that car sales are set to exceed 100,000 for first time since 2008?

Is it false that so far this year, the number of foreign trips taken by Irish people has increased by 14.1% to 1.3 million?

Is it false that spending on home improvements by families has increased by 32% this year, and that over 33,000 works have been registered for the Home Renovation Scheme at average value of €15,457 per job?

Nobody is saying that everything is rosy in the garden, or that all our problems have been solved, but it is clear that things are getting a bit better for a lot of people.

Try as they might, not even Sinn Fein can wish away this recovery.”

Recovery is under way, and the Shinners are petrified (Joanna Tuffy, Labour)

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84 thoughts on “Cars, Holidays And New Kitchens

  1. Starina

    *facepalm* they just don’t get it. how can a party called “labour” not understand that the middle class are not the be-all and end-all?

    1. Drogg

      But its not even the middle class its the upper middle class and upper class that are doing alright, everyone else is still getting boned by the bad decisions of labour and FG.

        1. Drogg

          Oh no one is forgetting the poo they made of the country but i was remarking on how Labour and FG policies have hurt midleclass and working class people while benifiting those with the most. But i will disown friends or family that vote FF next election.

          1. donkey_kong

            i’m forgetting tbh.
            Mickey Martin is not bertie and although a bit of a plank he has no mud on him and appears to be above corruption or hubris.

            MM would be a better leader than most of the “leaders” in the dail.

          2. Drogg

            Tell that to the HSE which he upped up royally and he was part of cabinet during all the corruption. He has plenty of blood on his hands.

          3. Drogg

            And he is an embarrassment, how would the international community take us seriously with that soft handed moron representing us? He would make Enda, i don’t talk unless prompted by an autocue, seem personable.

    2. Medium Sized C

      I’d love to believe that Joanna Tuffy is a dullard and the rest of the party are on Jollies and not reading the news….actually I do believe the first half.

      New Labour, maybe?
      Connolly would be turning in his grave.

      1. Drogg

        Really all it comes across as is a bitter attack piece on SF. She is trying to distract from some of the moronic things she has said in the last few days by going “but we are not as bad as SF” labour deserves to be annihilated next election, then maybe they can rebuild as an actual labour party and not FG light.

        1. Spaghetti Hoop

          Her party leader was at the very same on Pat Kenny this morning. Labour really are a joke.

          1. Drogg

            If they keep this crap up, people are actually going to vote for SF then we will be fupped. Who ever their communication and advertising people are need to be sacked immediately cause this is the worst strategy i have ever seen.

        2. Medium Sized C

          From what though?

          The core of the party are either retiring or non-entities.
          The future of the party is this idiot and Sean Sherlock.
          At that rate the pillock from Galway may as well come back from Fianna Fail, because there will be no difference.

          Maybe Kevin Humphries because the d4 vote won’t have Ruaridhri Quinn to vote for.

          Christ, maybe what this is is an attempt to curry favour with the egalitarian middle class vote, because they know that is the only chance they have of seats next year.

  2. Spaghetti Hoop

    As if car sales and foreign trips reliably signalled that ‘things are getting a bit better’. Some of the poorest homes appear to have the biggest TVs.

    1. Drogg

      She is obviously wanting to go back to the Tiger years where people lived way beyond their means and caused the ensuing crash.

      1. Medium Sized C

        That seems to be it for her alright.

        Charities borrowing to build homeless shelters, new cars and holidays being bought by the middle classes.

      2. ollie

        “people lived way beyond their means and caused the ensuing crash”
        Absolute bullplop statement

    2. wearnicehats

      But you see as the country recovers the taxpayers pay more tax and those on benefits get bigger TVs accordingly.

      1. Charley

        Lots of large TV’s were sold off cheap, others are pre-Saorview and basically worthless, if you are judging a large telly as a sign of economic recovery we really f+++ed

  3. Dhaughton99

    Maybe the top and middle are getting new cars and holidays but I don’t know one family that has gone away on a foreign holiday this year.

    Maybe she sees so many Instagram pics of Rosanna and Vogue on holidays in the indo, that she thinks we are all at it.

    1. Jonotti

      You should probably widen your social horizons then. The recovery is real, Ireland is booming and it will eventually trickle down to the hopeless fookups.

    2. scottser

      we’ve been looking at hotels here for a staycation. it’s actually cheaper to go abroad than book a week here. we’re getting quotes of up to 200 bucks per night for 3 and 4 stars.

      1. ahjayzis

        In fairness your increasingly crippling addiction to the finest imported caviar is part of the problem.

  4. fmong

    So Labour’s strategy is to just bully people who don’t agree that things are brilliant again?

    that should work well for them…

  5. Punches Pilot

    “Is it false, that in July, sales of new cars increased by 48% year on year? Is it false that car sales are set to exceed 100,000 for first time since 2008?

    Well yes actually. Factually they were registrations, not sales. An increase in registrations simply reflects the demands of manufacturers to gain market share. Extra demonstration vehicles, more hire cars to the airport, pre registered zero mileage cars at a hefty discount helping to manipulate the market and con the audience into buying the blurb. It has clearly worked at the highest level :-)

    1. AshbourneFanny

      I think you’re on to something here. New car sales in this “recovery” seem to be very much driven by PCP financing (which for many is little different from leasing as they “purchase” a new car for “only €69/month” with no intention of buying the car at its remaining value after three years). A growth in such sales doesn’t really prove any recovery and could be fairly problematic in the event of a future economic crash (though no doubt SIMI would be confident of being rescued by some government funded scrappage scheme or similar to save our motor “industry” and keep capital flowing out to Germany and Japan).

      Joanna Tuffy should be well aware of this so her comments are either evidence that she doesn’t have a clue or she is dishonest.

      1. Cloud9

        Ah yes but you still need a wedge of cash to start the pcp. Typically 30%. Plenty of people obviously had some money in the mattress..

  6. 15 cents

    im on 40k a year and i could only dream of gettin a new car or going on a holiday. this government only serve the rich. and the recovery she talks of is for them.

        1. Neilo

          I can’t speak for Jonotti but I’m spectating, the wife’s lactating: it’s a football thing.

      1. New Person A

        rugger bugger! over here!
        frolics with his fat chums round his rear
        finger fun is even better
        bolloxes up each others bums

  7. ollie

    Yesterday she blamed homeless charities for not building enough houses to provde homes for the homeless.
    Where did this woman get educated, clown college?

    1. Punches Pilot

      Ah the old Labour Party. When they always knew what they wouldn’t do but hadn’t a God damn notion what they would do. Seems they just do what everyone else does. Fill state boards, align their buddies interests with future proof state financial interests, essentially dip their nose as far in to the trough as is humanly possible. Of course there’s always old Labour who were complicit as hell with unions in bench marking not to mention one of their own sitting on the board of the central bank. Yup, old labour. Ah gone are the days hey!

  8. Rob_G

    She’s dead right – FG/Labour are by no means perfect, but the country is doing pretty well (fastest growing economy in an admittedly sluggish Europe). Sinn Féin are misery junkies, as are many of those commenting.

      1. Rob_G

        Post some figures to contradict the Tuffster’s, so.

        *sent from a Moto G* – Android fo life, biiiactch

        1. ollie

          Here we go Rob_G:

          Is it false, that in July, sales of new cars increased by 48% year on year? Is it false that car sales are set to exceed 100,000 for first time since 2008?
          There are no statistics available on car sales so Tuffy’s statement is false.
          If you look at car registrations they are up 30% year on year according to SIMI. THIS IS NOT 48%

          Is it false that so far this year, the number of foreign trips taken by Irish people has increased by 14.1% to 1.3 million?
          This is an increase of 0.2% on 2014, hardly significant, and is the total for all foreign trips including business trips. Therefore the increase could be as a result of people going abroad for work (We all seen the thousands home for Christmas; their return to work would account for a lot of trips counted by CSO)

          Is it false that spending on home improvements by families has increased by 32% this year, and that over 33,000 works have been registered for the Home Renovation Scheme at average value of €15,457 per job?

          This figure works out at €340 per household per annum.When you consider that the majority of people stopped spending money on their homes since 2008 an increase in spending is expected to carry out essential repairs (new windows, boiler replacement, etc)

          So to summarise, Joanna Tuffey has produced accurate figures in the main, but when you look at the trends behine the figures you soon see that the amounts are paltry. She’s a spoofer.

          1. Rob_G

            “If you look at car registrations they are up 30% year on year according to SIMI. THIS IS NOT 48%” – v. possible that Tuffy is a spoofer; 30%, while not 48%, is still not bad.

            – foreign trip % – I think that the CSO figures are based on the surveys that their people in the airport carry out from time to time (I stand open to correction).

            – did you divide the the total amount given out under the home renovation scheme by the total number of houses in the country? There were no doubt works carried out that could not benefit from these grants; the “€340 per household per annum’ doesn’t have much meaning

            TL;DR – Ireland, while not perfect, is doing a lot better than the doom-mongers would have you believe

    1. Spaghetti Hoop

      We suffer the sharpest landings though.
      And if we were to believe the financial news, another recession beckons.
      Why would anyone want to flash their cash with that kind of prognosis?
      People should save their money or make some smart investments.

  9. Declan

    I just clicked on the comments for the bile, blueshirts and shinnerbots – wasn’t dissappointed

  10. Seriously

    Sounds like shes afraid Sinn Fein are going to move slightly right and steal all labour’s votes…

  11. pixel_pimp

    expect increasingly desperate utterances from Labour as they slowly awaken to the nightmare of their mistake in giving FG cover for the neo-conservative policies.

    Labour TD’s and Councillors will be in open warfare with their FG “colleagues” in the lead up to the election, as Labour try in vain to distance themselves from the pain and injustice they signed off on while in govt.

    too little, to late, terminal.

  12. Joxer

    Tuffy is out of the dail after the next election – as is her constituent pal Derek Keating (FG). They seem to think that the estates of south lucan are awash with cash and new kitchens when the reality is that behind closed doors there is a hidden poverty lurking and those who have been hit with cutbacks will not forget easily how the promises were reneged on. SF and the left will do well in South west Dublin at next GE. Is that good or bad, i dont know – but it is different

  13. Punches Pilot

    The great big economic growth spoof.

    If you had 1 and now you have 2 that’s a 100% increase. If you had 50 and now you’ve got 51 then that’s a 0.5% increase. Which would you rather have, 100% increase or 51?

    Growth percentages really mean fcuk all to us ordinary gombeens.

  14. Just sayin'

    Do people seriously believe this country would be better off if we had a Sinn Féin-led government?

    1. Neilo

      I ponder that myself, JS. Their thinking on the economy hasn’t really developed beyond wealth tax – with the wealthy being described in the recent past as any PAYE household with a pre-tax income of 100K – and lauding our natural resources* as a certain source of jobs for college graduates. And this before we get to sequestering paedos and ordering hits in 2015.

      *While still playing the Shell-To-Sea card. a SF councillor said to me with a straight face that fish factories would cover the jobless figures. It’s like quotas never happened.

    2. scottser

      it couldn’t possibly get any worse. and if the much mooted FF/FG coalition becomes a reality, then yes, an SF government would be better.

      1. Jonotti

        It couldn’t possibly get worse than having the fastest growing economy in Europe and an unemployment rate below the European average?

        1. Notsayin

          Yeah keep ignoring those profits made by all those multinational companies, which we just roll into the GDP

  15. Snake

    There are loads of jobs out there if you have a worthwhile skill. If you don’t then it seems that you should just spend your time moaning on Broadsheet. Take responsibility for your life and start a business or learn something useful instead of complaining why nobody has handed you a good living.

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