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“The number of adults accessing homeless services in Dublin is at its highest since current record-keeping began in 2010, the latest figures show. The numbers have surpassed 3,000 for the first time, with 3,095 adults in emergency accommodation in the period between April and June this year.”

“This compares with 2,987 adults in the first three months of the year…On the night of June 30th there were 1,975 adults in emergency accommodation accompanied by more than 1,100 children – a 40 per cent increase on the number of adults when compared with the same night in June 2014, when there were 1,414 adults and about 560 children.”

More than 3,000 adults accessing homeless services (Kitty Holland, Irish Times)

Graham Hughes/

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25 thoughts on “How Many?

          1. Gers

            To me yes. To you, looks like not and I am interested to know how you think we can handle both (seems to be what you imply). While I have no doubt every problem as a solution I think priorities and common sense can dictate how these 2 problems should be resolved. Mind you the migrants element is not happening at this point in time.

          2. Dόn Pídgéόní

            Because they are different issues. The causes of homelessness are not just to do with the level of available housing, it is much more complex. And given that charities are providing a lot of this care, the state is effectively getting it for free.

            The issue of asylum seekers (who are not migrants and who I assume is what your original point addressed) is different from the issue of homelessness. Its about an inhumane and painfully slow process that needs to be completely overhauled so that people can get the asylum they need. Charities also do the state’s work for asylum seekers.

    1. well

      We let the US use shannon which helped kick all this stuff off, we’re partially responsible for the plight of the migrants.

  1. Ros

    Ah come on, less of this ‘misery junkie’ talk of homlessness. Didn’t Joanna Tuffy not assure us that the economy is doing great and the recovery is in full swing?

    1. meadowlark

      Yeah you’re right. We should be attacking the real problem areas in this country. Seagulls, naturally, and unruly trees.

    2. 15 cents

      yea exactly. these homeless should stop shooting misery into their veins and go on a holiday. the economy is booming for god sake!

    3. Nially

      Clearly these people haven’t seen the ads and aren’t aware that they now have the money to build “that much-needed extra room”.

  2. Fergus the magic postman

    Depressing, yet unsurprising. Saw pictures from an eviction in Kells yesterday.

    You’ll find that nobody who played a role in bringing this country to its knees is currently without a roof.

    1. Gers

      Im being very cautious on these evictions while not having all the details, many many fools out there who tried to eat more than they can chew.

        1. Gers

          Some? Probably. All? No, of course not. In the absence of details, I prefer to cast zero judgement on either side.

          1. Nially

            “I prefer to cast zero judgement” literally centimetres down from calling people “fools”, bravo A+ idiocy.

  3. Rois

    Excerpt is a little confusing, is it 3095 adults and 1100 children or 3095 people (adults and children)? Both numbers are equally shocking but the first especially so.

  4. scottser

    email received in a professional capacity, should be of interest:

    As agreed at the recent meeting of the Homelessness Implementation Team on 17th July 2015, I am writing to inform you of the support available from the Department of Social Protection to persons entitled to rent supplement who may find themselves at risk of losing their homes in view of the reduced availability of private rented properties.
    In response to the market difficulties the Department has, earlier this year, implemented a National Tenancy Sustainment Framework so that rent supplement provides a targeted, consistent and timely response to ensure customers accommodation needs can continue to be met. Under this approach, each tenant’s circumstances are considered on a case-by-case basis, and rents are being increased above prescribed limits as appropriate. Supports under this Framework are available to both existing rent supplement recipients and new applications with an entitlement to the scheme. In addition, the Tenancy Sustainment Protocol operating in conjunction with Threshold in the Dublin and Cork City areas continues to provide support to persons in urban areas where supply is most acute. The primary objective of these preventative measures is to ensure that those entitled to rent supplement at risk of homelessness or loss of their tenancy are supported where increased rental payments are required.
    To date, these measures have supported over 3,000 households on a national basis to retain their accommodation by providing for increased rent payments. In Dublin; covering all four local authorities, some 2, 000 persons have been facilitated with increased rent payments under the rent supplement scheme.
    People in receipt of rent supplement who may be at risk of losing their tenancy due to rising rents should be advised that support is available and to contact the Community Welfare Service dealing with their rent supplement claim as soon as possible. People in Dublin or Cork City are also encouraged to avail of the Tenancy Protection Service operated by Threshold (available at 1800 454 454).
    The Department has also undertaken a number of actions to ensure that people entitled to rent supplement are provided with information on the supports available. The Department has issued text messages to over 50,000 rent supplement recipients advising them of the supports and is issuing monthly tweets to its followers. Information is also available on the Department’s website at Posters have been distributed advising of these supports to the Department’s network of offices throughout the country, Post Offices, Citizens Information Centres, MABS Offices, Credit Unions and members of the Oireachtas.
    To ensure that as many people as possible are aware of the supports available and to prevent unnecessary episodes of homelessness, I have forwarded copies of the Department’s posters by post, and would be most grateful if you would consider displaying them in your public offices. I would also appreciate if this information is provided to frontline staff operating in your Local Authority.
    If you require any further clarification on the supports available to people entitled to rent supplement, please do not hesitate to contact me.

    Yours sincerely

    1. scottser

      shoud mention, the jist of this mail is that the rent supplement cap is no longer within the realm of ‘discretion’ – if homelessness can be prevented due to an increase in rent supplement then the CWO can pay it.

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