Decent Irish Political Hip Hop



“If people are wise they cannot be exploited…”

Leigh Michael (top)

Blake Curran writes:

Leigh Michael has been releasing his own material since 2002 under many different guises, notably as Exxon Valdez, The Bastard, Mick E. Rawrk, The Gruesome Twosome & Kali.

Each project has showcased his lyrical dexterity and humour whilst also maintaining an alternative voice that examines modern social structures and challenges perceptions of the perceived norm.

His new album ‘Bruce’ is a natural progression for Leigh and represents a rebellious attitude towards the current structure of society and the state of consciousness it perpetuates


Download ‘Bruce’ here

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9 thoughts on “Decent Irish Political Hip Hop

  1. doncolleone

    alternative voice appropriating another culture art form who wants you buy his album so you can think about how bad capitalism is. deadly.

    1. gerd1989

      I think all his music is free. If you can’t appropriate art from other cultures does that not mean we’re stuck with only making traditional Irish music? or are we expected to create something entirely new from nothing?

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