Room For An Oscar?



Lenny Abrahamson’s Room, the Irish director’s adaption of Emma Donoghue’s award-winning novel and his follow up to Frank (2014), received three standing ovations at its premiere at the Toronto Film Festival earlier this week, and early reviews are of the “raving” variety.

Delboy posted the teaser trailer in July but this is the full one featuring ‘Acadamy Award-Calibre’ (New York Post) performances by Brie Larson And Jacob Tremblay.

Room is released in Ireland on January 29.

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16 thoughts on “Room For An Oscar?

    1. Quint

      The director is IRISH! This film must be uncritically supported by all Irish people. In fairness, Abrahamson is the man that brought us the utterly brilliant Garage though his follow-ups What Richard Did and Frank were underwhelming.

  1. Digs

    There are 5 film directors in this country who have some idea of how to make cinema. He is head and shoulders top of that list list. A man who gets his craft.

    1. Zarathustra

      ‘Acadamy Award-Calibre’ – this was written by the NYP? Nevertheless; Digs, unfortunately the awards given by the Academy are more about politics, nepotism and what’s seen to be acceptable, rather than the talent or craft of making quality films. Thankfully, there are many film festivals around the world which recognise and award talented writers, filmmakers and actors for their craft.

  2. TheDude

    Clampers, also check out The Kid Stays In The Picture if you have not seen\read it. Its about the legendary Robert Evans..

  3. Continuity Jay-Z

    Avengers Age of Ultron is superlative.

    The bravest cinema I’ve seen in years since perhaps In the Realm of the Senses.

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