For Your Consideration: Afterwards



Andrew Holohan writes:

I am a writer director from Dublin and I wanted to share this music video. It is about dealing with loss and how hard it can be to bounce back from it. The tone of the video is melancholy but I wanted to try and capture the prevailing moods of such a situation. We also tried to capture Dublin in a beautiful light and show an inherent polarity in the world continuing on loud and brash even during someone’s moment of deepest grief….

Starring Sharon Crowley

Music: Here With Me – Susie Suh & Robot Koch (purchase here).

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15 thoughts on “For Your Consideration: Afterwards

  1. Common Projects

    Hang on now, is it about “dealing with loss”, or “trying to find that special someone”? Either way, it’s borderline terrible.

  2. essexhian

    Well I liked it up until the end when she goes into the water and presumably takes her own life.
    This is not how to “deal with loss” and gives a VERY negative message.

    1. Clampers Outside!

      Yep, I liked it…. up to the end. Like yourself I thought taking ones life because of grief is not a good message to send out particularly of someone as young as herself.
      I don’t think the video tackles “how hard it can be to bounce back from it”, but shows someone who didn’t try and gave up.

      It’s only my tuppence.

      Nice track though.

      1. Spaghetti Hoop

        Bouncing back from grief takes guts, determination and support. This just condones wallowing in it alone – which is not the right message.

    2. rory

      Depicting suicide doesn’t necessarily mean condoning/encouraging it. Why do you think this particular video glorifies suicide?

  3. rory

    IMO the above comments are very harsh.

    The video perhaps makes too much of the ‘walking and staring pensively’ vibe, but the actors are excellent at projecting grief in an understated manner.
    Visually the video is strong also (the look of the sea at the end is amazing), the only problem being the repetitious nature of shot composition (fine initially but your interest begins to wane about 2/3rds of the way in, due to similarity of shots/lack of visual progression.) Also, I think the shot of the two women on the steps doesn’t quite work, despite best intentions from all involved.

    Also also, the music wouldn’t be my cup of tea (nice vocal, but something about that drum loop doesn’t quite work, particularly at the beginning. Too glossy and intrusive for the intended vibe perhaps.)

    Ok, putting these superficial quibbles aside, there is clearly a lot of talent here. Can’t wait to see more of yeer work.

    1. rory

      Hi verbatim, I was wondering if I could ask you a general question about grief/loss, in terms of portraying it on film. Would you be comfortable with that?

  4. Digs

    If you have to explain what a piece of film is trying to do then the piece of film isn’t really doing its job, is it? If I watched this piece of film I’d think it was about suicide, not loss. So for that reason, I’m out!

  5. kiora

    Totally depressing, however it does manage to capture the feeling of isolation in loss. Am feeling quiet suicidal now….. is this the desired affect ?.

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