18 thoughts on “De Sunday Papers

    1. sǝɯǝɯ ʇɐ pɐq

      Was your initial rent below average?
      That and a few other factors, like some people seeing no icrease brings the AVERAGE down to 9%

      They call it ‘mathematics’.
      You should get some.

      1. Dave

        Everyone else is getting ripped off too Bingo.
        Luckily we have a clever little man pointing that out, otherwise we wouldn’t realise it.

        1. sǝɯǝɯ ʇɐ pɐq

          That’s where I calculated it wrongly…
          I forgot that ‘everyone’ was getting ripped-off.

          Oh, wait a minute…
          That’s not it…

          That was my point actually.
          NOT everyone is getting ripped-off,
          -so, the figure goes down…on AVERAGE.

          Look, if you don’t get it yet it doesn’t matter, okay?

    1. sǝɯǝɯ ʇɐ pɐq

      I remember when the Sunday World first launched.
      I loved it, because it had a pull-out comic section for kids in the middle, and I was a kid at the time.
      My Dad hated it, and I think he was embarrassed to be seen buying it, but me and my brothers pestered him into doing it.

      I don’t like it anymore.
      I’m an adult now.

      1. sǝɯǝɯ ʇɐ pɐq

        Also, if I remember correctly, it was first newspaper that was in full-colour, not just black and white and red all over.*

        *Like a nun who fell asleep on the beach.

        1. Tighe

          You still here? Everyone loves a smart-arse but not an arse that’s become too smart..for its own good. Go away.

          1. Dave

            I think he said before he doesn’t come on here unless he’s drinking.

            You’d think he’d find a lamppost somewhere to talk to instead, wouldn’t you?

            You know the type, talking away to themselves, shouting at the cars or a lamppost, whiskey bottle in hand.

          2. Mad at beams

            I think he said before that he changes his pseudonym occasionally, but I don’t know if that’s true or not.
            If it is true then I have no qualms about ganging up on him.

            Sign me up.
            We’ll get rid of him if we stick together.

      2. Charley

        Mid 70’s ,The Phantom was the main comic strip from memory, my dad used to bring it and the Sunday press back from mass when I was small, the paper itself was a sanitised version of the News of the World with scantily clad, but never nude girls and a lot of text and columnists, when the original editor died in a plane crash it lost its way and got gobbled up by the Independent who basically brought down to its gutter level.

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