No More Mom Jeans



This morning.

Outside Leinster House, Kildare Street, Dublin

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Via Stop #TTIP

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24 thoughts on “No More Mom Jeans

  1. On The Buses

    He looks so lonely. You’d think he’d want new people in the country… it would increase his odds of finally finding someone to be his friend.

  2. Jonotti

    You can ridicule him but he represents the majority view. A majority who find the more refugee crowd equally offensive.

    1. Seriously

      I doubt the majority are represented by this man. The majority may not be as welcoming as some people would hope but I doubt everyone sees the world in such black and white terms, I would imagine the majority lean a bit more to the center than accept either side of this argument.

    2. scottser

      his sign says nothing about refugees. you do know the difference between an asylum seeker and a refugee, yeah?

  3. phil

    I hope his solution is to end world conflicts , any other effort would fail in time and make us look quite ugly

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