19 thoughts on “De Friday Papers

    1. Malta

      Well, somebody failed them. If their parents are failing them, isn’t it the state’s job to step up?

      It’s unlikely that these 7 men are inherently evil – something, or a set of somethings, made them bad.

      1. Bingo

        ” If their parents are failing them, isn’t it the state’s job to step up?”

        Yeah, it’s the states job to protect innocent familes from thugs like these.
        85 previous convictions and still allowed to walk the streets…..FFS.

    2. B Hewson

      Had a date been set for the appeals yet so they can have their sentences reduced and barristers pocket more cash?

  1. Original Cynic

    Entitlement to Legal Aid needs to be seriously looked at – a certain number of convictions and you’re out. Also, hopefully, CAB will mop up anything they have stashed away.

    1. Sam

      The problem isn’t that they’re getting legal aid do is it? It’s that despite having dozens of convictions, they had hardly done the time. If they’d been sitting in the joy, that house wouldn’t have been broken into.

    2. Original Cynic

      Legal Aid presents a remorseful and sympathetic façade for these “men” – making them appear, in person, in Court will expose their true nature.

  2. Kolmo

    Nightmare. Everyone else’s fault I suppose. 120 previous convictions…surely this walking timebomb was flagged as a menace long before this

  3. Mysterybeat

    What relevance is it to the story that the people involved in that terrible crime were Travellers? (Daily Mail). Apart of course from allowing people to lazily stereotype them and all other Travellers as criminals.
    Methinks a complaint is in order.

    1. Conor

      Meh, I’ve given up trying to be PC and defend the Travelling community. The community seems to continually ignore the violence and criminality within.

      Where is Pavee Points press statement condemning their actions?? They usually have a statement out straight away after any court case that involves a case in favour of travellers.

      1. classter

        This is the classic fallacy of all of racists everywhere.

        Why don’t Muslims take on responsibility for the actions of other Muslims?

        Why doesn’t Mysterybeat personally sort out that loud, drunk Irish guy I saw in Sydney that time?

        Why didn’t black people stop Bill Cosby?

    2. Owen O'F

      If your primary and sole real-world reaction to this whole story of a terrorised family is to actually get off your arse and make a press complaint that the paper reported the gang as being ‘Travellers’, then your priorities in life are seriously out of whack.

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