25 thoughts on “Irish Counties Autocomplete

  1. Ms Piggy

    I think the Dublin one must be skewed by the various Dublins in the US, and they’re what the question refers to, right? I love the Leitrim one though :-)

    1. Mick Flavin

      Yeah, “Longford is a dump” must be about one of those other Longfords too…

      *looks around sheepishly*

      1. Spaghetti Hoop

        They mean Longford, Tasmania.
        A place dismally devoid of a by-pass or a country & western scene.

    2. Rory

      Yeah, I always used to confuse Dion Dublin, who played for Aston Villa, with our nation’s capital

  2. Davos

    “Just another silly map I created, Inspired by this post. Kind of tricky as Irish placenames are not very unique to just Ireland (see Kildate) or just places (see Kerry/Tyrone)”

    Kildate, Mr Chompsky.. but why ?

      1. ReproBertie

        Displaying your ignorance there pedeyw. One of the few decent things Henry VIII did was create Westmeath. At the time it was all part of Meath but the residents wouldn’t obey the king’s laws or pay their taxes so he divided it up into Meath and Westmeath (with scraps going to Offaly and Longford) appointed new officials to the new county and deemed that it shoud be named Westmeath to remind the residents that they were once part of Meath but wouldn’t do what they were told.

        It’s not laziness, it’s a badge of honour.

  3. H

    I tried a few of these myself, some didn’t come up at all and for others I could see that they skipped over some suggestions which came higher up the list such as:

    Galway is the graveyard of ambition
    Donegal is in Northern Ireland
    Kerry is male or female

    1. Omar Sarhan

      I think their is a difference in results depending on if you are logged in or not and when/where the search is conducted. So it would be common for results to vary.

  4. FK

    Something is either unique or it isn’t. It cannot be “not very unique”. There cannot be levels of a thing if there is only one of it.

  5. Mikeyfex

    Give Limerick back its coastline next time please, Omar. Its only the Estuary but it’s all we got. Someone on here once said ‘beware of anyone from a county without a coastline’ so I’m clinging to the Estuary thing, as they may have had a point.

    1. Spaghetti Hoop

      Only due to this statement have I just learned that Leitrim has a coastline. Well strike me down.

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