From top: Mick and Jack at the Aviva Lansdowne Road Nua; Rugby Goggles.

Look into the eyes.

Mick writes:

I am the parent of a boy who has been told by his coach at a local rugby club that in accordance with I.R.F.U. rules he can no longer play rugby as he has to wear protective goggles. Jack is seven. In the interest of equality and fairness I am appealing to the I.R.F.U. to reconsider its nonparticipation in the IRB Approved Protective Goggles Trial.

According to Marc Douglas (IRB), who has been contacted as part of this appeal “…the Goggles Trial [ to see if the eyewear can be worn without causing injury to any player] is ongoing and has been very successful … The feedback received has been overwhelmingly positive and it has enabled a large cross section of people to get into and get back into playing rugby….”The IRB “… are hoping that the goggles will become law soon”.

Naturally Jack is distraught as he cannot participate in rugby, a sport that he loves as he requires glasses. All I am asking for is that the I.R.F.U. sign up for the trial. Please sign our petition to support Jack and other people like him and allow them participate in rugby.

Mick’s petition has currently 704 signatures.

You can sign it here.

World Rugby Goggles Global Law Trial (World Rugby)

Mini and Leprechaun Rugby Regulations (Irish Rugby)

Thanks Anne-Marie McNally

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29 thoughts on “All About Optics

  1. sǝɯǝɯ ʇɐ pɐq

    Shouldn’t this have been posted earlier in the day, where it would have more traction?
    It’s going to be buried when the papers come along.

  2. mauriac

    presumably Jack is somewhat monocular .the rules exist to prevent an accident which leaves him legally blind.maybe use your influence as a parent to steer him towards a less potentially life changing sport

    1. george

      “the Goggles Trial [ to see if the eyewear can be worn without causing injury to any player] is ongoing and has been very successful”

      Can you read Mauriac?

      1. mauriac

        yes but can you ? from the trial small print ,” In addition to the suitability of the Rugby Goggles for those requiring corrective lenses, the Rugby Goggles may also be used by people who suffer from chronic eye conditions. This includes people with monocular vision, restricted vision in one or both eyes and people with eye conditions that put them at a greater risk of eye-damage than the general population. While the Rugby Goggles are not designed to provide extra protection for such individuals, they may be worn for that purpose if the individual considers that it is beneficial to do so ”

        introduce the kid to soccer or basketball .

        1. ____

          It’s not to do with the limItations of the goggles being trialled.
          The problem is that the irfu aren’t talking part in the trial.
          There doesn’t seem to be a reason, it looks like they’re just not bothered.

  3. Mick Flavin

    It may be a stupid question, Mick, but have you looked into the possibility of contact lenses for Jack?

    1. Draxx Ltd II

      Good idea actually. Although there is the slight chance they could get lodged up behind the eyeball after impact?
      I’ve never worn them so i don’t know but that would be a concern,

      1. Frilly Keane

        Nah Draxx

        They’d only give a lad Jack’s age disposable ones
        The boss here started using them last year
        Not for rugbee tho

        No problems to report yet

        Contact National Optometry Centre in Kevin Street for free appointment to see if Jack is suitable

        1. Janet, I ate my avatar

          if you have a stigma they will give you hard ones early but you will need a very motivated child to deal with initial pain

      2. Colin

        I’ve worn contacts since I was about 12. I doubt you will get an optician to sign off on a 7 year old, I think the minimum, and I could be wrong, is around 12 with certain prescriptions (And I’m SUPER blind)

        You can wear them playing rugby but any dirt, grit or strong enough rub into the eye will dislodge them. That said, it happened me once in a good few years of playing to the extent I’d say all of that is a non-issue on the whole. What I would say, is I’ve played and done every extreme sport with contacts so sight shouldn’t hold you back. Be sure to tell Jack that :)

        I’m shocked you can’t wear googles though as there are certain conditions that you can’t wear contacts and you certainly can’t consider laser until 21.

        1. Frilly Keane

          Our wan was 10
          Going on 11

          Completed the Liffey Descent
          Hurled her way to the Cumann na mBunscoil final
          In the 1st 60 days of use
          After that summer of sand sea surfing and general seaside blaggarding

          And the only incident was them washing out in Croke Park after the hidin’ they got

          She got savage support from the National Optometry Centre ( including a load of freebies) their teachers, final year students and the Consultant.

          She’s so handy at lobbing them in, she can do it in the car on route ta’ wherever.

          Seriously. Get that lad down there. It costs nothing to check it out

  4. Wayne.F

    This is old news was covered about 3 months ago on one of the national rags. Daddy is disappointed that his son can not play rugby safely so he demands the IRFU move the goal posts so, his son can play and he can live his dreams through him

    1. ____

      It’s not new, but that’s a little harsh.

      He’s just looking for them to take part in a trial that seems to be helping a lot of people. the irfu haven’t really given a reason for not taking part, other than laziness.

    2. Maria S

      Different child – Jack’s parents were only told last weekend that he wouldn’t be able to wear the goggles playing rugby when he moves up to his next age group(I only know this because their daughter is friends with mine). They want to get awareness out there because other campaigns don’t seem to have worked. He plays GAA and hurling as well and there are no problems with him using the goggles there. Why should he have to give up a sport he LOVES because the IRFU won’t take part in the trial?

      1. medieval knievel

        GAA and hurling do not allow you to tackle your opponent in nearly the same way as rugby, though.

  5. Kevin

    Ex-Leinster player Ian McKinley recently made the Zebre bench for a Pro12 game against Scarlets. McKinley wears goggles — he lost an eye five or so years ago while with Leinster.

    The Italian and Welsh unions have approved the goggles as part of the IRB trial whereas the Irish union has not, so McKinley is in the odd situation of being able to play at Pro12 level, but only against opposition from certain unions.

  6. medieval knievel

    i can’t play rugby as i’m too unfit and not heavy enough. i want the IRFU to allow me to wear an exoskeleton which will place me out of danger of being crushed to the size of a walnut on the pitch.

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