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A Miss Bikini Ireland contestant removes her top oblivious as a female cyclist falls off her Dublin Bike while a Luas heads toward her on Harcourt Street, Dublin

Ronan F writes:

The next ‘fall on ice guy‘?


Pics: VIP Magazine

45 thoughts on “Behind You

    1. Sam

      If it was staged, wouldn’t they have had a dude fall off the bike?

      It’s plausible she got the wheel caught in the rail.

      1. Bingo

        Careful Sam, some of the crazy lefties on here won’t like that kind of thinking….
        I mean, girls can like other girls too you know.

  1. Medium Sized C

    Whatever about all this like, but that is NSFW.
    I’m not being prudish here, you could get in trouble for that flashing up on your screen.

  2. Lordblessusandsaveus

    If you look at the rest of their photos you’ll see that Miss Bikini Ireland really isn’t something to be supported if you have any respect for women. It’s really crass, cheap and degrading.

    1. Neilo

      Contests like these aren’t really for me – I haven’t rocked a thong bikini since ’95 – so how about we let the participants make their own mind up?

  3. ahjayzis

    Fook the patriarchy.

    It’s obscene the dearth of male models strutting around town showing their bums.

  4. deemg

    Can we stifle shifshows like this of oxygen please broadsheet?
    This nonsense of showing ‘support’ for breast cancer sufferers by showing breast is cheap, nasty and degrading to all women.

  5. Phil

    Jaysus, the one in the blue from the linked article – badly needs a bag of chips like! Disgusting,

  6. alex lyons

    If you look closely the lady cyclist is clearly wearing a Garda issue stab vest under her hoodie, this is all just an attempt by Dennis O’Brien’s blueshirt government to distract from the scandal over the Gards looking at Paul Murphy’s facebook page

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