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The Luas works outside Trinity College Dublin in late December

Finn Murphy writes:

“Just a heads-up to the cyclists of Dublin this morning. I was coming around by Trinity where they are laying the new Luas tracks and have temporarily filled them back in, well filled in all of it except for a few tiny bits of track that they seem to have forgotten about and I think you can guess what happened next.”

Sitting in work now with a huge bruise on my face and scraped-up hands and legs. Great way to start the week!”

Sam Boal/Rollingnews



A female cyclist was knocked from her bike on Collins Street in Melbourne yesterday when a man opened the passenger-side door of a taxi.

The woman captured the incident, and the follow-up conversation she had with the man who stepped out of the taxi, on camera.

Would never happen in Dublin.

UPDATE: Man comes forward to police over CBD car-dooring (The Age)

Police urged to charge passenger after cyclist car-doored in CBD (The Age)

Thanks Mark Geary

JervisCome back.

Jervis Street Luas last night

Joe writes:

“I took this photo on my iPhone with the HDR setting on, just saw the sunset and stepped out onto the Luas track because I thought it looked nice, took the photo and turned around to realise I had stepped out in front of a cyclist, just like all them thicks I berate when I’m cycling.”

“So if you were tearing along by the Jervis Luas stop at around 6.20pm yesterday, I was that idiot and I hope this picture was worth my nearly killing us both.


Worth it?

YOU decide.

Wristworn-Mirror-for-Cyclists-1 Wristworn-Mirror-for-CyclistsThe RearViz is a wide angle convex moirror designed (in two sizes) to be worn on a cyclist’s wrist (€17) or forearm (€28).

The unit also contains a medical ID tag, for those who favour only the ‘manoeuvre’ part of ‘mirror, signal, manoeuvre’.

Release date unknown as the product page is still under construction.