‘Keep The Tone Breathlessly Upbeat’


2015 David Manley Awards.     Picture by Shane O'Neill / Copyright Fennell Photography 2015.

Group technology editor at Independent News and Media, Adrian Weckler

In yesterday’s Sunday Independent, Adrian Weckler outlined how anyone wishing to host a technology or start-up summit should…

Get press in advance by writing and pitching a ‘white paper’ on any topic that evokes any one of the point-scoring buzzwords above. (For example, try: ‘How to create a disruptive startup ecosystem and boost engagement using mentoring.’ Or: ‘Scaling fintech innovation – five lessons for founders looking for angel investors’.) Don’t worry about it being devoid of specific examples: some online outlet will run it for sure.

Keep the tone relentlessly, breathlessly upbeat. Use the words ‘amazing’, ‘incredible’ and ‘future’ a lot.

Call any stage panel event a ‘fireside chat’.

Get your event on an ‘ecosystem map’

Add the words ‘TED-style’ before any scheduled speeches or keynote addresses.

Earn style points by knowing the names of various districts in San Francisco when seeking metaphorical effect. For example: “So we’re a little more like the Mission district than Pacific Heights.


The dummy’s guide to starting up your own tech-themed conference (Adrian Wreckler, Sunday Independent)

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Pic: David Manley Awards/Fennell Photography

8 thoughts on “‘Keep The Tone Breathlessly Upbeat’

  1. Mr. T.

    Vomit inducing PR spew.

    It’s the Digital version of all the fawning property pages before the crash.

  2. Ciaran

    I read that article yesterday, as I was reading it I was thinking – This HAS to be satirical – but there was no punchline, absolute drivel. He must have copied it blindly from a satirical source….

    1. St. John Smythe

      I’d say the satirical clue was in the second word of the article’s title.

      Of which there seems to be a few here…

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