O Captain! My Captain!


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[Ireland captain] Paul O’Connell will undergo surgery on his torn hamstring this week and will not play again at the World Cup. Ireland has called up Mike McCarthy to replace O’Connell.”

Seán O’Rourke on RTÉ moments ago.


Injury ends Paul O’Connell’s Ireland career (RTE)

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Pic: Euronews Sport

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26 thoughts on “O Captain! My Captain!

  1. Digs

    I just welled up. What a dude! Hope he makes it to Toulon, would love to see him play with some of those players.

      1. Medium Sized C

        A torn hamstring is a generalisation.
        If it is a severe tear of the upper hamstring there is no “only”. Its potentially career threatening for a guy of his age.

          1. Stephanenny

            Hi, physiotherapist here, C is right. “hamstring tear” is very ambiguous and could certainly be career ending.

    1. Bacchus

      There’s a bandwagon for those who feel the need to make pointless snide remarks about rugby too.

      1. Supercrazyprices

        Not half as many though. Everyone on RTE seems to be making rugby references (regardless of the programme being broadcast) in a desperate attempt to be seen to be of a certain social class. It’s pathetic.

  2. Liam Deliverance

    I didn’t see the great man go down as the barman was shouting at me to collect two pints I had ordered. That picture is hard to view. Hopefully he makes a full recovery and makes it to Toulon.

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