6 thoughts on “Let’s Get This Marty Started

    1. martco

      so long as its 30 years or older it does

      certain types of classic car make very good sense to own and run…..€56 buys you 1 year of tax, classic insurance should be reasonable on a 5k limit policy around the €250 mark

      if you bought a well loved example of a sensible classic (think something like a 1984 E30 BMW 318) you have yourself an interesting car for feck all running money that is easy to service and keep and the best bit is you could end up selling it on for possibly more money than you paid for it in the first place (cars like this only ever appreciate in value if properly kept)

  1. Prop Joe

    If I don’t see at least one delorean on the way home I am going to be very very upset.
    I can’t go see it in the cinema.

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