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Why pay over €700 for a pair of Nike Back To The Future II ‘Self-Lacing’ Runners?

Why not build your own with LEGO and a glue gun?

Well, this is why.

In fairness, maker Vimal Patel admits:

This was a quick experiment into combining LEGO with other materials. To build on the shoe, I used a dremel and a hot glue gun to fix a few LEGO connection points. From there, it was straightforward to experiment with different designs and test their functionality. It works reasonably well, but I’m sure it can be done much better with a bit of effort.


Screen Shot 2016-02-19 at 00.10.46

A fan-made trailer by Canadian editor Tyler Hopkins for a prequel to Back To The Future in which Doc Brown acquires the plutonium needed for time travel.

Spliced together using clips from multiple movies including Iron Man, BTTF, Camp Nowhere and Zero Dark Thirty.


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An appropriately tricked out DeLorean, (complete with Mr Fusion reactor) outside Back From The Future on Aungier Street Dublin 2 an hour ago.

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(Pix: Oisín Kane)


Great Scott.

This morning.

Christchurch, Dublin

(Thanks Stephen Maher)

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Broadsheet Trailer Park: Back In Time


Stephen’s Green SC car park earlier.

(Thanks Peter Doyle)

Mattel_Hoverboard CLpGVp-WsAI2p_Y

Cormac O’Malley via Maidchí tweetz:

Oh my days this is incredible. What a time to be alive in Mayo

Here’s that Lexus hoverboard finally in action (Wired)

Call for hoverboard park (Connaught Telegraph)

Screen Shot 2014-11-25 at 00.05.31

A slickly edited feature on the Secret Cinema Club’s presentation of Back To The Future at Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park in London last summer. Filmed and edited by PHIX.

(H/T: Kevin Whitty)


A minute and a half of young Michael J. Fox giving noisy voice in the Back To The Future trilogy.