Left For Dead


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Simon K writes:

So, this actually happened in the European Parliament today. The Conservative bloc (which Fine Gael are part of) posted a press release, originally with a photo of a bloodied hand and empty cartridges (pictured above) with the headline: ‘Paris attacks: terrorists would gleefully vote Left’

Under it, they claimed,

These left-wing groups are basically inviting terrorists to use loopholes in our safety and security legislation in order to perpetrate other terror attacks.

I’m completely dumbfounded.

The press release, now online with a new image, can be read in full here.

Paris attacks: terrorists would gleefully vote Left (EVP)

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25 thoughts on “Left For Dead

    1. Wayne Carr

      I’ll tell yer sumthin ‘ere fellas, Hitler and ISIS never did the famine. I’d take ISIS over Margaret Thatcher/Christ anyday.

  1. Janet, I ate my avatar

    Surprise surprise not all childish manipulative narrow minded immoral fear mongering p****s are Muslim refugees in fact a lot of them wear suits and make offensive statements on the backs of others tragedies.

  2. Truth in the News

    Seig Heil,Goose Step and the Salute and everything will be fine
    no doubt the EPP will get moving on it.

  3. shitferbrains

    Considering that Corbyns fool of a Shadow Chancellor advocated banning MI5 and disarming the police, and the Swedish Foreign Minister blamed the Jews, it’s not hard to see why some groups would view the left as appeasers of terrorism.

  4. Walter-Ego

    Ahhh, The Conservative bloc (which Fine Gael are part of), the parties of austerity loving fascists. Nice bunch of psychopaths, they love a bit of war.

  5. ahjayzis

    The old trope that anyone unwilling to surrender all civil liberties and rights to privacy is doing the work of / in league with the enemy. When really if we lose our freedoms the enemy have already won.

    Looked at coldly, terrorism kills a tiny amount of people in the West, compared to other things. Forcing the whole population to be stripped naked before the eye of the security services and anyone else who gains access to that information is vastly, vastly overdoing it.

  6. Eoin

    The correct response to terrorism is to ignore it. Get the authorities on the case but get on with your day to day business and ignore the terror. Otherwise they win. This was how the UK responded to the IRA for many years. Nowadays every terror attack in the west results in new laws and civil liberties being stripped. THAT is encouragement for more terror because they’re having an effect. Stop using terror acts as a reason for stripping our rights and invading more nations. some of us are really starting to wonder who’s REALLY benefiting from all this.

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