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Discopunks – Party Animals

A new single from Dublin-based Discopunks – Nicky Dempsey, Joe Donegan, Jodie Jane Delany, Eoin ‘Bones’ Melinn, Keith Hughes, Duncan Maitland and Colm Jennings.

‘Party Animals’ is released with a party at The Workman’s Club [Wellington Quay, Dublin 2] on Friday, December 4 from 11pm.

Another song from the and music series, hosting and producing videos for Irish acts playing  new material.

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Thanks John Barker

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18 thoughts on “You May Like This

  1. Birneybau2

    Workman’s Club ain’t on Liffey Street. So, it’s either The Grand Social or you have the address for the Workman’s wrong.

  2. Miq

    I’d say the Coronas, Ryan Sheridan, Roisin O, Keywest and the real musicians of Ireland are pooin’ themselves.

    Said nobody ever.

  3. On The Buses

    The aul band and PR company got the keyboards out to whitewash this comment section. Next thing you know they’ll be forcing Goldenplec’s hand into deleting negative reviews of the bands live shows.

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