ZompireWolf (top); creators Derek Dillon (left) and Ralph Hosford of DurtBird Games.

Part Zombie, part Vampire and part Werewolf…all trouble!

Ralph writes:

Though you may be interested in a follow up in regards to ZompireWolf… With only a few hours to spare, we managed to cross the line and get successfully funded! We are very proud to be the first Irish computer game to be funded on Kickstarter! Just wanted to say a MASSIVE thank you to everyone!

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10 thoughts on “Kickstarted

  1. MajorThrill

    Fifteen grand is a really optimistic budget, even for an infinite runner (Because the already saturated app marketplace is crying out for another one of those) that, judging from the lack of screenshots on the pitch page doesn’t appear to even be at the prototype stage.

    Fair dues for getting funded though.

  2. turgidson

    Zombies are dead, vampires are dead and its a werewolf. Why not call him double dead dog. Plus why does he have a calculator watch. Is he also a nerd from the 80s?

  3. Eoin

    Well fair play I guess. But neither guy has made a game before. They need at least one coder, artist, a proper games designer, a QA guy and they need to hire a sound tech for a time to create the audio. I’ve rarely heard of a game like this being done in six months, even by a veteran crew. You are talking a minimum of 150k for dev costs. MINIMUM!! And the publishers have already passed on this. So they don’t see any money in it. They will not see any money in it once it’s complete either. Once launched on iTunes (for example) you need a minimum of 60-100k for marketing or else your app will sink into obscurity almost instantly. Apple will only help you out if you spend that kind of money on marketing. These guys are about 200k short of what they need just to make the game and get it selling. Which they HAVE to do now or else pay back the Kickstarter crowd.

    1. MajorThrill

      If they’re using something like Unity then they could likely bung this together with premade assets pretty quickly (not 15K quick but less than 150K). I know their asset marketplace has a pretty broad range of halloween/spooky type toon assets and no shortage of infinite runner frameworks. Then a visit with a few hundred quid to a stock audio assets site and you’d have something that more or less covered the bases in under six months.
      It wouldn’t win any awards but it’d be enough to put on the marketplace before vanishing 24 hours later and spending 200k to make the AAA Citizen Kane of infinite runners would be chucking good money after bad anyway.

    1. Neilo

      I had the privilege to see Nathan Lane tread the boards as Max Bialystock about 10 years ago. I literally cried with laughter. On his day he’s incomparable.

      1. Bertie Blenkinsop

        Likewise, in the West End.
        It’s far and away the funniest movie ever IMHO ( the original that is ).

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