17 thoughts on “Gender Splendour

  1. You've got Daily Mail

    Showing proportion of Female candidates to Male candidates would be a much more useful metric but fair play in fairness. I love a good graph either way.

    1. Cian

      Labour have *far* less candidates declared than in 2011 and I suspect the Greens have a few less too; I suspect the proportion of women is the same or higher.

      Labour had a minimum 33% women rule years before any other of the parties currently with TDs did (I suspect the Greens may have had something similar too)

    2. rotide

      Joan Montague highlights the danger of statistics and graphs right there.

      Labour and Greens HATE WOMEN

      Fianna Fail and Sinn Fein are FEMINIST UTOPIAS

      Case closed.

    1. Ms Piggy

      It’s very easy to say that as if it ends the debate, and this topic has no simple answers, but I’m sure you do all see why that statement seems a bit simplistic for the 51% of the population who are living the effects of hundreds of years of exclusion from ‘the job’, whether we were the best person for it or not, don’t you? The implications this has in terms of expectations, norms of behaviour, access to networks of support, and even the very assumptions underlying the concept of ‘the best person for the job’ are enormous and structural rather than individual – which is what quotas seek to address, however imperfectly. In other words, you realise it can be a little bit annoying to hear a newly passionate commitment to meritocracy from the 49% of the population who have benefitted very materially from the lack of a meritocracy over previous centuries (and centuries)?

    2. cluster

      Which is the why the increase in female candidates is so encouraging.

      It means an increased pool from which to choose the ‘best person for the job’

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